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Friday, August 19, 2011

First Look: "Carnage"

The infamous director Roman Polanski (The Ghost Writer, Rosemary's Baby) returns with the film adaptation of the hit Tony Award-winning Broadway play "God Carnage," Carnage. The film, like the play, follows two upper middle-class married couples (Kate Winslet/Christoph Waltz and Jodie Foster/John C. Reilly) who are forced to convene after their sons are involved in a schoolyard fight. They try to reason with each other and come to a truce, but their problems with each other come to the forefront. The trailer looks pretty good, as the actors are all pretty terrific. But I must warn you that this trailer is riddled with curse words (in other words, it's not for all audiences). If you're of age, you definitely need to check this out. Carnage hits theaters November 18.


Jason H. said...

I was already stoked for this movie. I'm a little disappointed that it's so short, and it gives Kate a lot more screentime than everyone else, but I'm only more excited about it. Now I'm just praying it lives up to my (very high) expectations.

Stevee Taylor said...

I'm really looking forward to this movie. I like these stage-to-screen adaptions (becuase they're usually quite simple). Plus, Roman Polanski is the man!

Anonymous said...

Wow JCR looks rough in colour.

Seems interesting enough!

Paolo said...

This movie is going to bring out the bullied child and the future mother hen in me! I love the curse words and I hope I'll love the movie!

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