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Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Look: "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas"

I know what you're thinking: why isn't Christmas, like, tomorrow? So your favorite deadbeats, Harold and Kumar (aka John Cho and Kal Penn, respectively), already went to White Castle and escaped from Guantanamo Bay. It only makes sense that they bring in the holiday cheer this season with the rest of us, right? Well, as long as Neil Patrick Thomas can make a splashy cameo. Done.

Here is your first look at A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, coming to a theater near you, in 3D, November 4.

Admit it. You laughed, at least a few times.


Castor said...

This is the weirdest, most over-the-top trailer ever! I don't really what to make of it, it looks simultaneously atrocious and awesome.

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