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Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Look: "The Flowers of War"

Oscar winner Christian Bale returns to the big screen in an epic tale of war, sex, violence, and politics in director Yimou Zhang's The Flowers of War. The film takes place in 1937 China when an American mortician (Bale) seeks the body of a local priest, but is detained there when Japanese invade the capital city. While there, the mortician poses as a priest in order to protect the students at the cathedral's school.

The plot itself isn't especially enticing, but the scenes from the trailer are breathtaking. Bale looks impressive in the movie, as does the supporting cast. It's hard to determine now whether the film will be recognized in the award season rush when it comes out during the holidays on December 16.


Karen said...

I'm super excited for this! Zhang Yimou is one of my favorite directors.

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