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Friday, October 14, 2011

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Ward Off Intruders in "Trespass"

As much as I try to champion director Joel Schumacher's previous films like A Time to Kill, St. Elmo's Fire and Dying Young, it's hard to stay on his side about a vast majority of his films like his pitiful Batman movies (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin). With the cheap home invasion thriller Trespass, in theaters today, the notable director may have finally hit rock bottom.

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman star as Kyle and Sarah Miller, a married couple whose home gets invaded in a botched robbery attempt by a few useless thugs (Ben Mendelsohn, Cam Gigandet and Dash Mihok). When the trespassers aim to take Kyle's impressive diamond stash, they get a rude awakening when they learn he's flat broke and has been perpetrating about his wealth to his family. Clearly Sarah Miller, the desperate housewife she is, doesn't have her hand on the family loot. Meanwhile, the thugs are getting antsy with the new information and won't rest until they leave with something, since they've successfully scared the wits out of the Millers and their daughter, Avery (Liana Liberato).

With the exception of one ludicrous detail about Sarah and Jonah (Gigandet, one of the trespassers), that's pretty much the gist of the movie. It gets increasingly worse as it progresses, heightened by terrible acting all around and a poor script. Cage, in his usual sporadic overacting and borderline insane performance gets a thumbs down, as does Kidman's laughably unconvincing Sarah. The trespassers, otherwise known as the three stooges, provide a few funny one-liner. But, then again, maybe those lines aren't supposed to be funny. Who knows? And who wants to sped time trying to figure it out? Shame on Schumacher and everyone involved for this mess of a film.

Rating: F+


Colin Biggs said...

I'm amazed this was at TIFF. Did they need a bad film as a litmus test?

Anonymous said...

Shoot! I am a long time fan of Cage (Raising Arizona, anyone?) and I hate watching him waste his talent with bad scripts. I was really hoping this one would be his ticket out of the cinema slums.

dirtywithclass said...

How the hell Kidman went from the Rabbit Hole to his is beyond me

Raghav said...

I had a feeling this movie would suck after watching the trailer. Although I have to point out that I really like Batman Forever :-)

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