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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Look: "21 Jump Street"

This is perhaps one of the more dreadful trailers to ooze out of Hollywood's horrid vault of remakes this year. First it was Footloose (which surprisingly performed quite well at the box office). And now they've tried to destroy the 1980s classic cop series 21 Jump Street with a revolting trailer for a big screen adaptation.

Jonah Hill and Channing star as two idiotic cops who go undercover at local high school to bust unsuspecting youth for wrongdoings. But of course this delinquent pair get into more trouble on their own than their intended conquests.

Original cast member Johnny Depp has reportedly signed on for an undisclosed role, probably to make the film look less cheap (good luck with that one, Johnny). 21 Jump Street heads to theaters March 16, 2012.


Daniel said...

Just horrid, can't say I'm surprised....

Dan O. said...

I can't lie but I laughed a lot and I'm glad Tatum is getting something raunchy and dirty. Who also thought Jonah Hill would still be funny as a skinny dude?

Clarabela said...

This looks bad in so many ways.

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