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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Look: "Mirror, Mirror"

Not even a week after the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer hit cyberspace, its dueling less serious take on the classic tale Mirror, Mirror debuts online.

Lily Collins jumps into the role of the revered princess (seemingly miscast by the looks of the trailer), with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Armie Hammer as the Prince. Although it can be described as a dark comedy, Mirror, Mirror admittedly pails in comparison to Snow White and the Huntsman, even give the fact that each female leads is somewhat underwhelming. But it does look mildly entertaining with a stunningly presentation from director Tarsem Singh (who's probably still basking in the success of his recent box office darling The Immortals).

So who wins the Snow White battle of the trailers?


amy said...

Mirror Mirror has a more distinct feel, than the good - but still average - fantasy action drama of the Huntsman.

Still probably checking out both though.

F.FRANKLIN said...

I would watch both the film.....while im convinced mirror mirror will look beautiful every scene as tarsem is really good in that but im not convinced to see julia roberts as the witch...however im interested to see the different take of prince charming in this film played by armie hammer... for the huntsman film,charlize theron looks amazing as the evil queen the visual effects based on the trailer looks superb especially the scences involving the metalic mirror figure and the crows...

Lesya said...

I like neither of them. Snow White and the Huntsman looks a sliver better though. And I think Theron is a knockout evil queen.

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