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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tyler Perry Teaches Oblivious Audiences the Difference Between Right and Wrong, Rich and Poor in the Trailer for "Good Deeds"

At this point, we really shouldn't think director Tyler Perry movies could bang out a film that is higher quality than an after school TV movie, filled with one dimensional, cliched characters. So we really shouldn't be surprised that his latest effort, Good Deeds, looks like just that.

In the new movie, Perry recycles some of his usual themes--rich versus poor, faith and sin. He stars as Wesley Deeds, an affluent businessman who, on the eve of his nuptials with an equally well-off woman named Natalie (Gabrielle Union), has an epiphany about the man he has become and develops a complicated relationship with Lindsey, a lowly single woman (Thandie Newton) who apparently can only afford her daughter sleeping on a closet floor.

Judging by the trailer, Wesley somehow rescues Lindsey (who apparently gets a makeover in the movie), and everyone probably holds hand in the end. Was that a spoiler? Oops.

Good Deeds hits theaters February 24, 2012.


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