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Monday, January 9, 2012

Eva Mendes Hopes to Impress Audiences as a "Girl in Progress"

Eva Mendes is one of those actresses who, just when you'd like to write her off, she delivers a performance like the one in last year's criminally underrated provocative drama, Last Night. With a resume ranging from comedies to crime dramas, you can call her anything but predictable.

This year, the oft supporting actress headlines Girl in Progress, a dramedy where she plays a young mother struggling to grow up as her teenage daughter (Cierra Ramirez) tries to come into her own in a way her mother can't relate to.

The trailer actually looks really promising, even if the premise sounds a bit familiar. Patricia Arquette also star in the film as some kind of school counselor. Matthew Modine plays Mendes' married boy toy.

Patricia Riggen, who helmed Under the Same Moon (a movie you should see if you haven't already), directs the movie, which also stars Under's co-star Eugenio Derbez.

Check out the new trailer below and leave your thoughts. Are you going to watch the movie when it hits theaters April 27th?


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