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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reminder: Live Q&A with Angelina Jolie This Thursday!

If you're been paying attention to the countdown clock in the right sidebar on the homepage, you know that in less than forty-eight hours Angelina Jolie will be live right here to answer your questions about her writing and directing debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

Don't forget to leave your questions for Ms. Jolie in the comments section of this post, and you could be the lucky winner of the In the Land of Blood and Honey poster!

Below you'll find the countdown clock and movie trailer, as well as some of the comments fans have been leaving about the event on facebook. Come back on Thursday, January 12th at 8pm EST/5pm PST and this stream will go live to the Q&A where you will get to watch Angelina Jolie respond to your questions and dish about her new movie. Don't miss this special event!


Anonymous said...

Hello Angie!
Congratulations on your directing debut! Did you write the script in 48 hours like I read?
Will you still be creating a tv series about all the places you travel to do your humanitarian work? I read about it a long while ago? if so
I'd love to work with you! Love you and all the work you do on and off screen!
Allison Dean

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