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Monday, February 13, 2012

Watch: The New Trailer for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

I know what you're thinking: what in Tim Burton/Zack Snyder tarnation is this thing? Well, it's the first trailer for the big screen adaptation of the hugely popular Seth Grahame-Smith novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And, yes, Burton certainly left his mark on the look of the movie as the producer of the project. Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov helms the movie.

A very curious case of the sixteenth American president, who embarks on a bloody vampire slaying spree to avenge the death of his mother (who he believes was killed by such supernatural forces).

Though the premise sounds a bit loopy, the film looks as though it does manage to keep some sense of cultural history (Lincoln is also on the hunt for slave-driving helpers). And the trailer kinda delivers, yes? Thoughts?

Anyway, Benjamin Walker (Kinsey, Flags of Our Fathers) stars as the politician-turned-action hero with Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who recently starred in The Thing reboot) as his wife, Mary Todd. Dominic Cooper (My Week with Marilyn, The Devil's Double) stars as vampire Henry Sturgess and Anthony Mackie (Man on a Ledge, The Adjustment Bureau) as Lincoln's barber and valet William Johnson.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is scheduled to hit theaters June 22nd.


Daniel said...

I can't wait, looks like so much fun.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Just saw this crazy trailer and now looking forward to movie! It looks like it comes from a parallel universe. It just looks cool!

s. said...

Looks great!

Raghav said...

Didn't like the trailer one bit. Shoddy effects, and it felt like a copy of Sherlock Holmes with the slow motion action scenes etc.

3guys1movie said...

Candice, I was actually pretty impressed by the trailer. I thought this film was going to end up being a campy mess but the trailer looks bad ass. I am looking forward to checking this out at the theater.

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