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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson Struggles to Stay On the Right Side of the Law in the Crime Drama, "The Samaritan"

Prolific actor Samuel L. Jackson is one of those actors Hollywood would probably rather put in one box, but, when you think about it, the veteran actor--who scored his first and only Oscar nomination for the 1995 indie classic Pulp Fiction--is far more talented than he's given credit for. Just take a look at his resume, which includes the underrated maternal drama Mother and Child, Kasi Lemmons' pristine family drama Eve's Bayou and A Time to Kill. The man can act; it's just a shame he feels the need to take every offer that slides across his desk.

This year Jackson will star as Foley, a ex-con fresh out of jail and trying to turn over a new life. That is, until he meets Ethan (Luke Kirby) who lures him back into his old habits. All of a sudden, his promising new life with a new love (Ruth Negga) is circumvented by a dangerous plan that may have him in over his head (or, so it seems from the trailer provided by Yahoo! Movies).

This isn't exactly something we haven't seen from Jackson before, but you gotta hand it to him for still being able to take on these roles with the same cool approach of someone half his age.

But why does this trailer look like it's giving away the whole movie, including possible plot twists? What else is left? Guess we'll have to wait until May 4th to catch the full thing.


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