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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tim Burton Debuts a Frighteningly Awesome Clip from His Newest Film, "Frankenweenie"

Oh, how I love his royal darkness, director Tim Burton. Yes, even for Alice in Wonderland. You've got to appreciate a director who has his own style that's so distinct and luscious your mouth starts watering at a mere glimpse of one of his movies.

His new film, Frankenweenie, is no exception. The Oscar-nominated helmer (for 2005's Corpse Bride) has premiered a haunting two-minute trailer for the story of Young Victor, who conducts an experiment to bring his dead dog Sparky back to life. And, in Pet Semetery form, the dog comes back....all kinds of crazy, as you'll see in the trailer.

The movie reunites Burton with his Beetlejuice muse Winona Ryder, who voices the character Elsa van Helsing. Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara also join the cast, lending their voices to several other characters in the movie, and fourteen-year-old Charlie Tahan rounds out the cast as the voice of Young Victor.

Frankenweenie hits theaters just in time for the Halloween rush on October 5, 2012. Will you be watching?


Daniel said...

Big fan of Burton for most of my life, this looks wonderful!

dirtywithclass said...

I think we are one of the few who didn't hate Burtons Alice in Wonderland

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