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Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Reasons Why The Rock Is The Biggest, Baddest Action Star Around

While Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson and Jason Statham continue to duke it out at the box office, one broken nose at a time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonhas been quietly gearing up to take them all on to become the biggest action star around.

The newly minted winner of this year’s CinemaCon Action Star of the Year Award has already lined up five projects, including the sequel to last year’s megahit, Fast Five. This year he’s poised to cement his status on the A-list of action stars when he blazes into theaters once again on June 29th for GI Joe: Retaliation. Here are five reasons why The Rock rocks:

1. His big guns. No, not the semiautomatic kind (although those photos of him clutching a giant weapon in GI Joe: Retaliation are dope as all get out). We’re talking about his bulging arms that make him look like he could lift an airplane off the ground with his bare hands. No wonder studios are clamoring to get him in their movies.

2. He makes every action movie better. Do you have a fledgling action franchise on your hands? Call 1-800-THE-ROCK and he’ll make it all better. Remember what he did for Fast Five? Many of us weren’t even checking for that movie until The Rock’s name became attached to it. Then it started to look a lot more appealing. All of a sudden we rushed to the theaters and made that bad boy more than half a billion dollars worldwide.

3. He’s got charisma for days. Sure, he may not be the next Denzel Washington. But The Rock has that certain je ne sais quoi. You know what we’re talking about—that charm that slithers its way through even less memorable lines and makes ladies’ hearts go pitter patter. Do you smell what I’m cooking with this?

4. He’s a guy’s guy. Not only are the ladies sprung on him, but you’d be hard pressed to find a dude that doesn’t want to be this 260-pound man of steel. He’s handsome, funny, charming and once tweeted that he was able to “bench press three adult buffaloes.” You hear that sound? That’s the sound of a bunch of dudes running to the gym.

5. He can hold his own in a fight. Remember that fight between him and Vin Diesel in Fast Five? He made Vin Diesel look like Vin Wimpy for a second there in that now legendary brawl scene. He’s taken on secret agents, an evil sorcerer and even an entire corrupt neighborhood without hardly a scratch on him. Attention Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and Will Smith: watch out. There’s a new player in town and he’s taking no prisoners.

Check out the newest trailer for GI Joe: Retaliation:

This post was first published by The Urban Daily.


The NYC Film Chick said...

The quality of some of his movies have been questionable, but he is very consistent and he gets work. He knows his niche and what his audience wants.

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