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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cinema In Noir: Interracial Friendships Versus Token Characters and the State of Action Films

This Sunday the gals and I reflect on friendships in film. Not just any friendship, that camaraderie or sisterhood where one character is one race and another (or several) is another. As we see more and more relationships between pals on film where the character of color is there to guide the protagonist or provide a few lines in a movie then disappear (in other words, be a token) rather than serve as an equal, which movie represents a more realistic portrayal of multiracial friendships?

We also talk about the climate of action films today. As we begin to see a barrage of popcorn flicks headed our way, what makes some good and others terrible? And how has the genre evolved from the Sylvester Stallone days?

We get to the bottom of all of this, plus share the latest film news (has the remake of Uptown Saturday Night finally gotten together?) on today's Cinema In Noir.

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Daniel said...

Great listen really enjoyed it!

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