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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cinema in Noir: "Think Like a Man" Is for Everyone and "Prometheus" Should be Rated R

Yeah, we said it. And we'd say it again! On today's Cinema in Noir, the ladies and I discussed actor Michael Ealy's comments in a recent interview about whether or not his new movie, Think Like a Man (in theaters Friday), is for everyone. In other words, will people who aren't black watch this movie along with the black crowd?

As we have chatted about--ad nauseum--on previous Cinema in Noir episodes, we don't think "black films" are exclusive as some may be led to believe. But we do have to raise eyebrows at the recent press surrounding the movie really seem extra hard to try to lure the ever-reluctant non-black crowd to see the movie....

And in other news, we talk about the recent ratings controversy with Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. Although a PG-13 rating may bring a wider crowd to the theater, how does that effect the quality of the storytelling for each film? (By the way, I haven't been able to get into a R rated movie without the ubiquitous family of four, with two strollers, sitting behind I could only wish the stigma with R rated movies was that cut and dry).

Lastly we go over the latest news out of Hollywood, possible new projects for Adepero Oduye and Kevin Hart, and share our thoughts on Think Like a Man and T.D. Jakes' Woman Thou Art Loosed on the Seventh Day.

Check out a recap of the show here:

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The NYC Film Chick said...

I was very hesitant about seeing this film, (personally, I thought the trailer was terrible) but I might go check it out now.

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