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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis Face Off in "Looper"

This looks SO rad.

Check it: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you know, that dude who's everywhere these days, including the little known indie, Inception? Well, it looks like he got himself suitably beefed up to face off against Bruce Willis in the roided-up action flick, Looper.

But listen to this: Not only is JGL teaming with mega star Willis, in the genre he himself built brick by brick, JGL is playing Willis as a young lad and, yes, challenging him to a duel! I'll explain.

JGL is a Looper, a vintage mobster whose targets get sent from the present to be annihilated by him. When he learns his latest target is himself (played by Willis), he winds up in a bit of a predicament. But, no worries, an order is an order...Talk about being committed to your job.

Anyway, yes please and with a cherry on top! I'm all over this, especially since director Rian Johnson is behind it. Even though Johnson's major credit is the badass "Fly" episode of Breaking Bad (and if you're not watching Breaking Bad, what are you waiting for?), it's enough for me to start foaming at the mouth to see this.

Watch the hip new trailer below. Looper, which also stars Emily Blunt (who looks handy with a gun here), rushes to theaters September 28th.


Dave Enkosky said...

This looks so awesome. I love the concept.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Since I love time travel movies I am definitely seeing Looper! Also Levitt's appearance is so unique since he is suppose to look like a young Bruce Willis! Thanks for the post!

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