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Friday, April 13, 2012

Who Says There Are No Female Villains in Action Movies?

I really try to ignore wildly condescending comments on my posts right after reading them. But a recent disgruntled commenter on one of my Urban Daily pieces about Bad Boys 3 got my blood boiling extra hot.

When I suggested a female villain for the third installment of a franchise (that isn't even confirmed yet), this particular reader (he outed himself as a dude) began his Internet tirade against the notion, stating this: "WHO WROTE THIS, SOME BROAD?? YES it's a broad. Look, sweetie, this is action comedy not a chick flick!!"

Really? 1) When's the last time you saw a female villain in a "chick flick?" (they're almost always mean, burly men). And, 2) you clearly don't know your action movies if you are making such a blind comment.

Let me school this dude (and maybe you, too) by reminding him of just a few of the baddest, illest "broads" who've been kicking ass and taking names in action films for years:

Catwoman/Selena Kyle in Batman Returns (Michelle Pfeiffer): Yes, the leather-clad, milk-guzzling diva had the caped crusader under her spell and drop kicked ole boy before he even knew who hit him. Easily the most mesmerizing characters brought to the film franchise.

O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill (Lucy Liu): She really needs no introduction, but I'm gonna give you one anyway. Ishii, the former child assassin-turned-boss had her all-male cabinet terrified when she scurried across a boardroom table to a insubordinate colleague and sliced his head clear off his shoulders. Then continued with her regularly scheduled meeting.

Sabine Moreau in Mission Impossible--Ghost Protocol (Léa Seydoux): Smooth as silk, quick as a wink, this French assassin can throw elbows with just about anyone--man or woman--then get back up in her four inch heels and trench coat to take on her next target. Without breaking a sweat. She's my shero.

Miho in Sin City (Devon Aoki): She's a woman of few words, but they're all the right ones. She doesn't negotiate a beat down or talk you through it, this little hooker/assassin just stands yay high on the roof of a building and cuts you clean open by throwing twin swords at you. Stand back; she means business.

T-X in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Kristanna Loken): This one makes me laugh just thinking about her. It's simply because of that one scene, you know the one. It's the clip of her going metal a metal with the rough and tough Terminator, getting some great punches in. She has a moment, stops to check herself out in the mirror fixing herself up a bit, then resumes to throw down. I. Love. This.

Need I go on? I don't want to have revisit this topic, but, in the great words O-Ren Ishii, I'll leave you with this: "If any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the f*&king time!"


Gaby said...

Lucy Liu in Kill Bill is one of my all time favorites!

Brittani Burnham said...

Hahaha, when I read the first part of your post Sin City and Kill Bill immediately came to mind. Apparently that guy doesn't watch *good* action movies.

s. said...

Wow, I do not throw this word around often, but that guy either was a gigantic moron or has some serious issues. Not only female villains are amazing and far more interesting than sterotypical male ones, they would probably kick protagonist's ass. I wrote about it in my MI4 review - had Sabine been main protagonist there would be so much tension in the movie - she was the character that was not only fascinating but also appeared to be one step ahead all the time. Fantastic list, love your choices!

s. said...

I meant Sabine was main antagonist ^^ I'm so mad we didn't see more of Seydoux in this film. said...

Nice list of ass kicking "broads" Candice

Sharon Stone was pretty bad ass in Total Recall. Not really an action film but Kathy Bates was pretty terrifying in Misery as well.

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