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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cinema In Noir: In Defense of Modern Family-Centered Films

It's getting hot in herrrrre! So, to commemorate the season of barbecues and flip flops, Cinema in Noir is moving to Thursday at 7pm EST for the summer. On today's show, we discussed what we thought about the new Pixar-produced movie, Brave, the historical fiction drama Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (co-starring Anthony Mackie), and the Broadway musical-turned-big screen flick, Rock of Ages (with Mary J. Blige).

We also jump right into our hodgepodge of film reviews, including the renowned actress to be cast in the Steve McQueen-directed Twelve Years a Slave and news on the remakes of The Magnificent Seven and The Intouchables.

Lastly, we have a lively discussion of the progression (or digression?) or family-focused films. Have they gotten better or worse over the years, and what do we look for in a "family film?"

To listen in, check out the recap of today's episode below:

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