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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Images of Mark Wahlberg with his Foul-Mouthed Teddy from "Ted"

You might have heard about Mark Wahlberg's upcoming movie where he talks to a stuffed teddy bear the whole time? Well, it's real. And it's happening.

The movie is appropriately titled Ted. The film, written and directed by The Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane, stars Wahlberg as John, a deeply immature thirty-something whose best friend is his childhood teddy, Ted (voiced by MacFarlane), which sprung to life after John's little boy wish for him to be real. Even his girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) is starting to give him the side eye.

Sounds asinine? Well, Universal Pictures hopes to have audiences in stitches with the following synopsis:

In the live-action/CG-animated comedy, MacFarlane tells the story of John Bennett (MARK WAHLBERG of The Other Guys, Contraband), a grown man whose simple childhood wish brought his cherished teddy bear to life. Almost 30 years later, the fairy tale is very much over. Ted is reluctant to leave John’s side…to the increasing annoyance of John’s only-so-patient girlfriend, Lori Collins (MILA KUNIS of Friends With Benefits, Black Swan).
Though Lori’s displeasure with John is exacerbated by his dead-end career and days spent smoking weed and drinking beers with Ted, she’s not the one who is the most frustrated with him. As John struggles to figure out a way to navigate this thing called adulthood, it will take the unexpected help of his boyhood toy to make the leap from man-child to a grown-ass man.

Sound any better? Not to me, but you might think it's hilarious. Take a look at the trailer below:

Maybe I'm too over the overgrown childhood male flick to give this the proper appreciation it deserves, but I didn't laugh not a once at the trailer. But maybe the movie is better. In any case, check out a few new images from the film below:

Ted is in theaters June 29th.


iluvcinema said...

Initially I was not feeling this at all but then I saw a commercial and cracked up.

I may just catch this :)

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