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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie You Need to Know About: Director Ava Duvernay's "Middle of Nowhere"

Last year, director Ava Duvernay gave us the indie drama I Will Follow, from by her revolutionary independent film company AFFRM (African American Film Releasing Movement). Though I didn't exactly love the film (it simply failed to resonate emotionally), I appreciated the fact that she was a black female director working to put forth a fresh collective of films with black talent.

Earlier this year, Duvernay was awarded the coveted Directing Award from the Sundance Film Festival for her sophomore effort, Middle of Nowhere, which really introduced her to a wider audience. Hopefully more people will take a look at her work, since the trailer for Nowhere actually looks pretty decent. By the trailer alone, you're more invested in the characters than entirety of I Will Follow

The official synopsis reads as follows (from Shadow and Act): "When her husband is incarcerated, an African-American woman struggles to maintain her marriage and her identity."

Emayatzy Corinealdi plays Ruby, the "African American woman," and Omari Hardwick (who Duvernay also directed in I Will Follow) plays Derek, her husband. David Oyelowo also stars in the movie as Brian, a more stable love interest for Ruby, and poses a conundrum for the devoted wife. Sharon Lawrence is also featured in the movie. 

 Middle of Nowhere comes to theaters October 12th.


Courtney Small said...

This actually looks reallly good. The premise sounded similar to several other films I had seen before, but the trailer has me thinking that Duvernay will not be falling into the typical conventions you would expect from a film like this.

Creative Radiance said...

Wow, some of her dialogue is extraordinary. Even some of the voiceover. I'm curious. Storyline even looks engaging. I'm wondering though, because some of the delivery apparent here seems more theatrical? But I'm forgiving, if she tells a good story. I'm still an audience member, not just a filmmaker. Lol.

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