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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy are Outlaws in the New Red Band Trailer for "Lawless"

Goodness knows that, after 2010's heavily lackluster yet critically lauded True Grit, we desperately need a good western. And that's just what director John Hillcoat (notably of The Road) hopes to do with Lawless.

The Depression-Era flick unites a high caliber cast--including Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska, Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy (fresh off of battling it out in The Dark Knight Rises) --with Shia Lebeouf. But we're going to try to keep an open mind about that last formidable name drop because the trailer actually looks pretty great. It does its job by making you want to see this movie. Like, right now.

Here's a synopsis from the Weinstein Company:

LAWLESS is the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers: bootlegging siblings who made a run for the American Dream in Prohibition-era Virginia. In this epic outlaw tale, inspired by true-life tales of author Matt Bondurant’s family in his novel “The Wettest County in the World”, the loyalty of three brothers is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation’s most notorious crime wave.

As per recent reports, LaBeouf is really trying to stay away from the flops blockbusters so he can become that serious actor we he always knew he was. He actually looks sorta believable in the clip below, so here's hoping. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast--including Jason Clarke as one of the Bondurant brothers--appear to be at the top of their game in this movie, which is already gaining awards buzz.

Check out the trailer:

Lawless hits theaters August 29th.


Daniel said...

This really does look better and better with each passing trailer!

Brittani Burnham said...

I'm looking forward to this. I actually have to defend LaBeouf, I think he's a good actor.(but he needs to stop trashing everything that's given him a paycheck) That being said, I'm still not going to see him actually have sex with someone in Lar Von Trier's new Shame remake. ha

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