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Monday, September 10, 2012

Movie You Need to Know About: "Luv" Starring Common and Michael Rainey, Jr. (TRAILER)

Listen, I love Common as a rapper, but never quite got on board with him as an actor. New Year's Eve, Date Night, Wanted and especially Smokin' Aces didn't help matters...

But,the tide may be turning as it looks like his past failures as an actor might have prepared him for possibly his most respected performance yet in the 2012 Sundance darling, Luv. The rapper takes a dramatic turn as a mentor-like figure to an orphaned eleven-year-old boy (Michael Rainey, Jr.) in writer/director Sheldon Candis' first full feature film.

More on the film below from Deadline:

The film is about an 11-year old boy who awaits the return of his missing mother, and who lives with his grandmother and Uncle Vincent. He idolizes the latter, a man who is fresh off an 8-year prison stretch and who takes it upon himself to help the youth become a man. When Vincent’s attempts to open a business doesn’t work out, and pressure is brought to bear by his old Baltimore crime boss Mr. Fish, the youth’s growth into manhood accelerates.

The trailer looks very compelling, and highlights its great cast--including Dennis Haysbert (TV's 24, Far From Heaven), Danny Glover (The Color Purple, Lethal Weapon), Charles S. Dutton (Roc, Gothika), Meagan Good (Think Like a Man) and Lonette McKee (Women of Brewster Place, Sparkle). Goodness knows it would be great to see Good in a role outside her normal cute girlfriend characters, and the rest of the actors are also top tier. 

This brings us to Common, who looks really impressive in the clip, and relative newcomer Rainey in the lead roles here. I'm not familiar with Candis' previous short films, but Luv looks like it can really be something good. And perhaps Common just needed a director like him, and a cast like this, to really prove himself as an actor. Definitely keep this film on your radar. 

Luv is set to release in theaters November 9th.


Dankwa Brooks said...

I saw LUV this past May at the Maryland Film Festival and Common DID do a really good job.

Unlike you, I saw glimpses of Common's potential in most of those films you mentioned. It was like I wanted to see more from him, but his role was so small you never got a chance.

Well as he is in like every frame of this movie you can fully grasp his Leading Man potential. I would love to hear your thoughts on his complete performance.

I won't post the link here, but I reviewed LUV and the link is on my post about the film at the 'Nother Brother Entertainment blog(Baltimore Shot Drama Starring Common Will Screen...).

alleyandthemovies said...

Very interested in seeing this. I'm glad to see Common taking on meatier roles - like Dankwa said, he always had potential, but he's finally getting to explore it.

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