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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where Fall's Biggest TV Shows Rate on Director Diversity and a Look at Last Week's Biggest Premieres on Today's "Cinema in Noir"

Last week was a big week for TV's fall premieres, so the ladies of Cinema In Noir got together to discuss how some of the biggest shows rated on quality as well as where they stand on cultural and gender diversity of directors.

From The Mindy Project to Elementary and Scandal, which fall premieres did you watch? And which shows had the best representation of diversity of directors? We discuss on the DGA rundown on the show.

Speaking of fall's biggest shows, we discuss what could be the real reason Sofia Vergara hasn't garnered an Emmy win for her role on Modern Family. Could the neverending punchline of not being able to understand her accent be ruining her hopes? We talk about the recent Latino Voices post here.

We also review Looper and share our thoughts on the latest in film news (Expenda-belles has apparently enlisted its first badass).

And lastly, in keeping up with our lively TV discussion, we go over Deadline Editor Nikki Finke's Emmy comments stating that "pretty girls" can't be funny? We also try to figure out how she's defining the words pretty and funny.

Catch it all here:

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