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Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Brad Pitt Versus a Gazillion Zombies in the First Trailer for "World War Z"

The zombieapocalypse that's been threatening to annihilate us all has finally caught up to Brad Pitt and his family in the first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi flick, World War Z. And it looks ugly.

And by ugly I mean spectacular. The trailer doesn't give away too much, except for mayhem in the streets as people from from the ambush of the undead. And that Brad Pitt is somehow the elected person to keep the mob at bay. But here's a more official synopsis of the movie:

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

Something tells me this story, inspired by the 2007 book of the same name by Max Brooks, is a little deeper than that pale description. But we'll have to wait until Jun 21, 2013 to see the big picture. 

Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Monster's Ball) directed the project, which was adapted by Prometheus scribe Damon Lindelof. And Matthew Fox (most recently seen hamming it up in Alex Cross) will co-star with Pitt. Interesting mix of players. I'm intrigued. 

Check out the trailer below:


Daniel said...

Looks to deviate quite a bit from the book, once I get past that it might surprise me.

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