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Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Wolverine" Strikes a Thinking Man Pose, in the Pouring Rain, in the Film's New Motion Poster

I can't say I'm too geeked about seeing Hugh Jackman as a jacked up tough guy (I prefer him in more dramatic or whimsical fare), but fanboys seem to love him as Wolverine. The actor is reprising his grizzly role from the X-Men franchise in his very own movie next summer. More on it below (from

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, THE WOLVERINE finds Logan, the eternal warrior and outsider, in Japan. There, samurai steel will clash with adamantium claw as Logan confronts a mysterious figure from his past in an epic battle that will leave him forever changed.

The synopsis above entices the die hard fans without divulging any hints about the "mysterious figure from his past," while it guarantees epic action scenes and comic book flair. But, more importantly, check out this life-size motion poster:

Wolverine releases in theaters July 26th. 


Clarabela said...

You know how much I love Hugh Jackman!

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