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Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Cinema in Noir" Interview with Independent Spirit Award Nominee and 'MIDDLE OF NOWHERE' Star David Oyelowo

On today's "Cinema in Noir" podcast, we chatted with the ubiquitous Middle of Nowhere, Lincoln and Jack Reacher star David Oyelowo. He gave us the lowdown on working with director Ava Duvernay and candidly shared his thoughts on the Hollywood machine and his Independent Spirit Award nomination for Middle of Nowhere.

And we also dedicated some time to a pretty heated discussion of the hit TV show "Scandal," which continues to gain viewers but has turned some of us off with its suggestive themes and other topics. As someone who fell from watching the show back in November, I particularly didn't care for the soapy romance and the poorly constructive characters (no matter the fact that the show is helmed by Shonda Rhimes and stars the talented Kerry Washington).

Lastly, co-host Rebecca Theodore-Vachon gave her review of the new Mark Wahlberg/Russell Crowe movie, Broken City, and we all chimed in about the below new trailer for the upcoming Lifetime TV movie, Betty & Coretta (starring Angela Bassett as Coretta Scott King and Mary J. Bige as Betty Shabazz):

Checked out the full "Cinema in Noir" episode here:

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