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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Full Frontal: Boobs, D*cks, and Hollywood's Nudity Double Standard

Move over Abraham Lincoln and Jennifer Lawrence, boobs are having their best year yet. Even this year's divisive Oscar host Seth MacFarlane performed a song about it (as ridiculous as it was). And boobs haven't just been winning this year. There's been a boob sighting in almost every other movie for years. Chances are, if you're an actress of any caliber, you've flashed your rack in a film. And I'm getting sick of it. 

Don't get me wrong, obviously sex scenes and other movies of the gratuitous nature call for a flash or two (or ten), and it would make sense to go there for the scene. My problem, so eloquently proclaimed by Andy Samberg at the recent Independent Spirit Awards, is that there seems to be a real lack of dick on screen. He was specifically leading up to a joke about Shame star Michael Fassbender's lack of, um, presence this year, but I am going to go even further and say that this is a general  problem every single year

I mean, if said sex scene calls for nudity, wouldn't it mean that both the woman and the man put on their birthday suits? I'm just saying. 

I'm not really advocating for more full frontals on the big screen, but I am asking for more of a balance. Obviously, Hollywood is not accepting of equal opportunities in any capacity, but it just seems like a glaring omission. If we can't have similar casting opportunities for men and women or actors of diverse ethnicities or even weight, can the male actor be called to put out as at least half as often as a woman is on screen? It's really the least Hollywood can offer at this point. 

I'm sure male readers of this post will say something about the fact that there are several gratuitous peaks at men on the big screen, and even bring up last year's Magic Mike. There are two things wrong with that argument: 1) While Magic Mike is a movie about strippers, no one actually strips past their thongs, and 2) It's not enough that you imply nudity or sex; actresses aren't asked to imply at all. Their lady parts leave nothing to the imagination. In essence, female nudity is direct; male "nudity" is implied and tasteful to the point that any other way would be obscene and slapped with an NC-17 rating (like Shame was). 

But speaking of the Steve McQueen film, the fact that we are still making jokes about catching a glimpse of male anatomy in a movie that is nearly two years old may mean we're not mature enough ready to accept full male frontal in cinema. Which is pitiful because, how old are we?

Perhaps the worst part about this whole female nudity overdose in film is that each time a woman bares her tatas or her hoo-ha, her performance is called 'brave." Granted, it probably takes guts (or a shot of something) for a woman who's not already an exhibitionist to unveil herself in that way in front of millions of strangers. But that doesn't always constitute a good performance. That said, it seems as though many critics are letting a splash of nudity get in the way of their summation of films. 

For instance, The Sessions, a rather emotionally manipulative film despite its good acting, was mainly hailed for Helen Hunt's performance of a sex surrogate whose nudity nearly encapsulated her performance. As you may already know from my review last year, I was neither moved nor entertained by the movie or performance. But that's neither here nor there, because Hunt has an Oscar nod under her belt for her portrayal. 

If we're holding performances with nudity in a higher regard, where is Michael Fassbender's Oscar nomination for Shame, a movie so vulnerable and taboo that it lived up to its own name? Oh, that's right; it's now a punchline.

Dear Hollywood, grow up. Here's hoping next year is the year of the dick. 


Daniel said...

Excellent article Candice

m.brown said...

While you have a very valid point, I think that male nudity is definitely on the upswing (terrible choice, I know) in mainstream cinema. I think the problem, is that dicks are being played for laughs in raunchy comedies, instead of being part of a more traditional sex scene.

And do you really equate male frontal nudity with boobs? Really? 'Cause maybe I'm incredibly old-fashioned, but that math doesn't add up. No way.

That said, I enjoyed your post. I lament all the time on my blog about the lack of female nudity (half-jokingly, of course).

But seriously, you have a point.

Anonymous said...

You are a liar. And blind stoic feminist.
Breasts are for infantile men. The real men want to see bottomlessness and what they get? CGI Jessica Alba's side nudity, thongs (bare asses are dying on the screen), and plastically enhanced breasts. B-movies have more female flesh but you are writing about much bigger movies or serious independent flicks.
Breasts = penises is a women's point of view (watch "Eurotrip" and compare nudist beach scenes). So stop complaining. Based on that you have enough male genitalia on the screen right now.
And let me ask you a question: why it's only a sex scene or strip club where female nudity with no vaginas is allowed nowadays? Where're notorious gang shower scenes? Public nudity? Comedy bits with fully nude women? Practically none.
Enjoy the penises while feminists and gay producers run the Hollywood machine. There's no reason to be upset if you're a woman in a movie theater.

Liam said...

This article is terribly wrong, stupid, and ignorant. You are implying that you think of breast as being the male equivalent of penises. You even say that Hollywood has a double standard for not following this. But you are the one who really has the double standard ingrained in your head.

Both men and women have breasts. They are biologically nearly-identical. The only differences are size and the ability to produce milk (the second point only applies during maternity). They are made of the same tissue in both genders, and are NOT sexual organs in either gender. Men's nipples appear far more often than women's in film.

Unlike breasts, penises are sexual organs - so they have reason to be censored. You know, women also have a sexual organ in the same location; the vulva (the whole area including labia, clitoris, vagina). Penises appear more often than vulva's in film.

So it is really the female nudity that is lacking in film, not male. To end this nudity double standard, and equalize both genders; male breasts and female breasts should appear just as often in film, and in similar context. North Americans must also start to view male breasts and female breasts in the same way. Penises should also appear just as frequently as Vulva's in film, as they are considered the gender-equivalents of each other. Breasts should appear more often that genitals in both genders.

The Movie Waffler said...

You can't compare breasts to penises. The correct comparison would be vagina to penis as both are reproductive organs.

Candice Frederick said...

Both boobs and vaginas are mentioned here in this piece. As suggested, both are commonly seen in movies, while penises are not.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... there are no vaginas shown in movies...ever. It is always a darkly lit scene at a distance or the woman is shown with a merkin (a fur bikini really) or with legs awkwardly positioned so there is no glimpse of anything. Where is the vagina close up like the penis in hallpass or bruno? Or the camera positioned to focus on the female genitals like the male in shame. Or the fully nude fight scene in eastern promises. Or any episode of spartacus with shaved male members (while the women hide nehind merkins) or the graphic close up like showtimes shameless (only boobs in that one but dicks are a swinging in peoples faces - literally). And there are a ton of female stripper movies where the actresses dont even show boobs or but let alone the holy grail. This article is uninformed and ignorant.

Candice Frederick said...

have you ever seen A? History of Violence or The Sessions (to name just two)?

Jon said...

You still avoided the direct question. Where are all of these Mainstream R rated movies and Prime-time Cable Television show that show extended, up close and graphic shots of woman's genitalia? They don't exist, but I guess advocating for graphic genital nudity only from male actors while female actors never expose their genitalia is fair game to you, right? Nice double standard!

Also, the two movies you listed are very poor examples. The actress in "A History of Violence" only shows her pubic hair - no visible genitalia shown! And Helen Hunt's Vulva shot in "The Sessions" is so quick, you'd miss it if you blinked.

Jon said...

A dose of reality from one of your "male" readers...

Candice, when you were in high school, did your Health Class teacher go around saying "Boys have a Penis and Girls have Breasts"? I highly doubt it, but given the ignorance of what you wrote, I'm willing to make an exception.

To put it in your own crude "dick" language, a "DICK" is equal to a "PUSSY", not a pair of breasts, nor pubic hair - fake or otherwise.

Also, I absolutely love how you've conveniently omitted the fact that an erect Penis was graphically shown in a Penis Pump, twice, in "Magic Mike". Also, the main male lead's Scrotum and Penile Shaft were also shown in "The Sessions".

You see, this is the problem with so called "journalist" today, you're objectivity is so clouded by your own personal and political agendas that you'll use your positions irresponsibly to say anything -- no matter how untruthful... You'll even misrepresent the facts just to push your own agendas.

Here is the reality of today's entertainment... All shows, EVERY PROGRAM on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Flix, IFC, Sundance, every single program (including today's R-rated movies) all graphically show "DICKS"! Heck, HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me" graphically showed a hand-job complete with full erection and ejaculation!

Candice, name one show on any of these channels that has ever shown a Vulva, (that's a "PUSSY" for the ignorant), it has never, EVER been shown, nor as graphically explicit as the male sexual organ has! Look, I realize a lot women won't see eye to eye with men on this one, but breast and pubic hair are NOT genital nudity, although, I realize your level of comprehension and logic on this concept may be limited...judging from your own words, that is...

Next time, use that journalistic talent you claim to have and "Google the facts" before posting such an ignorant and uninformed blog/article.

Oh! And here's to hoping "Hollywood grows up and next year is the year of the Pussy!" It's about time we men actually start getting to see a "PUSSY" in our R rated entertainment instead of just breasts and the occasional shot of fake pubic hair. However, the only difference here between you and me..., I don't feel I'm entitled to it!

Anonymous said...

Candice, At the end of reading your article, I was almost expecting you to say....'awwww...just kidding, it's really the double standard in reverse. Us ladies have been getting an eyeful for years.'

I had this exact same discussion with an actress that made the same argument that you did. I said, OK lets make a bet. Let's each make a list of movies containing 'FULL FRONTAL NUDITY WITH EXPOSED GENITALS" involving your sex. Loser has to remove all their clothes and go up to a member of the opposite sex on the street and ask where to find the nearest clothes store.

She smiled, giggled and said you're on. She volunteered to go first. She was good, running off one movie after another until I stopped her. Whoa, whoa, whao, your listing some great movies with great nude scenes, but not one of them shows a women's vulva, let along a clitoris or vagina. She stood there for a moment stunned. She tried like crazy to come up with just one, but couldn't.

OK, my turn, a mix from movie history, Clockwork Orange, The Bad Lieutenant, The Crying Game, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Women In Love, Cider House Rules, Transpotting, Lie With Me, Shame, Apocalypse Now, Romance, Life of Brian, The Piano...after about twenty more, I switched to HBO...OZ, Sex In The City, Rome, The Wire, Spartacus, and the list goes on. And, a number of these viewings were of an erect penis. No, I'm not a perv, but I am a real movie buff, as well as a published movie critic.

I'm not going to tell you that you are ignorant or uninformed, Jon did that rather nicely already. The real shame about your article is that you won't write a retraction even though you have been slammed with the truth. An opinion is one thing, the facts are another. You tell Hollywood to grow up. I think you need to take a trip to the mirror to see who needs growing up. By the way, you are a pretty damn good writer.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to mention. The actress took off her shoes and I hollered CUT, (always wanted to say that) and said that the nude street scene had been cancelled. She thanked me and admitted that her thinking had been muddles.

Colin Biggs said...

The comment section sure took a turn out of left field. You are still ignoring the main premise: the inequality of what is expected of one gender over another.

Jon said...

["The inequality of what is expected of one gender over the other..."]

Somewhere, in the 668+ words -- the majority of it being absolute bulls**t -- that Candice wrote, I seemed to have missed that premise, Colin. Also, I completely forgot that all female actresses are forced to do partial nude scenes...

You say it's "expected" of women to do a partial nude scene. Well how ironic! Did you know that Candice "expects" and is demanding that men show their penises in movies. What she and women like her are asking for is an unreasonable and unfair double standard in the level of male nudity (i.e. explicit genital nudity from men and non-genital nudity from women) which is the current trend 100's of Hollywood films and shows. That, Colin, is the whole premise behind her article -- since you seemed to have missed it.

As for me "one of the majority out in left field", all I read was an article devoid of any reasonable intelligence or logic, one lie after another, feminist rhetoric/mantra, a complete misrepresentation of the true facts (i.e. the true level of nudity in our media which is completely unfair to men), as well as an unbelievable level ignorance -- coming from an adult -- when it comes to what is and what not genitalia.

This may take a little bit of "thinking outside the box" for someone such as Candice, but full penis "dick" exposure equals full vulva "pussy" exposure, and vise versa, period.

Colin Biggs said...

Maybe in the world of pornography, but your standard of nudity is not commonplace. Let this argument go, man, Candice never attacked your intellect or writing ability, maybe you should be as kind in return.

Jon said...

["Candice never attacked your intellect or writing ability, maybe you should be as kind in return."]

I'm sorry you only see this from her perspective, and as a fellow man, you seem to condone Candice's blatant sexist double standard towards men in our media (i.e. graphic, male only genital nudity). I also find the crudity of her language and her avocation for pornographic levels of male only nudity to be extremely low-class, especially when it is coming from someone of her "said" level of education and intellect.

If you see my challenges to her words (backed up with fact) as "unkind" or an "attack", then I can't help you. And if you want to go to her defense, so be it, but I have a feeling Candice's skin is much thicker skin than that. I also believe that she can adequately defend her own words (if she chooses) without your help.

Also, if I went around publicly stating on the Internet ["A fully exposed Vulva 'pussy' is the same as a bare Male's Chest"] in as crude of words as Candice has clearly done, then I would expect someone to call my words/belief "Extremely Ignorant", "Sexist", "Low-Class", and/or "Obnoxious".

Jon said...

["Maybe in the world of pornography, but your standard of nudity is not commonplace."]

Colin, are you serious!? "Not commonplace", "maybe in the world of pornography..." I have news for you, graphic "MALE ONLY" nudity in PG through R-rated entertainment IS commonplace and quite pornographic. It even includes male only torture porn! ......"Bruno" (Erect Moving/Talking Penis with Opening and Closing Urethra Graphically Shown), "Hall Pass" (Erect Penis), "Magic Mike" (Erect Penis Being Pumped), Both "Hangover's 1 and 2" (Erect Penises, Fallatio, Bestiality), "Sirens" (Graphic Male Masturbation), "Jack Ass Movies" (Graphic Male Genital Defecation, Graphic Genital Torture and Stunts), "Teeth" (Multiple Graphic Male Genital Mutilation Scenes), "Hostel 2" (Graphic Male Genital Mutilation), "Finding Bliss" (Semi-Erect Moving Penis). Google the rest, you'll find 100's more--male only!

Movie Channels: "OZ" (Graphic Male on Male Rape/Male Genital Nudity), "Spartacus" (Extremely Graphic Male Genital Nudity, Erect Penises, and Graphic Male Genital Mutilation), "Tell Me You Love Me" (Extremely Graphic Hand Job with Graphic Male Ejaculation, Erect Penises), "Rome" (Graphic Erect Penises)". Other Shows with Graphic Male Genital Nudity: "True Blood", "Girls", "Game of Thrones", "Shameless -- Extremely Graphic", "The Borgia's", "Boardwalk Empire", "Six Feet Under", "John Adams", "Gigolos", "House of Lies", "Weeds", "Polyamory", "The Tudors", "Queer As Folk", "Penn & Teller", "Da Vinci's Demons", "Magic City", "Dave Old Porn". Again, Google it, the list goes on.

Now, according to Candice's own words, you can see just how "Implied" and "Tasteful" male nudity is done! (** rolls eyes **)

No woman on the face of this earth would ever tolerate these levels of graphic nudity (outside of porn) if the roles were reversed! It would offend them beyond belief, and rightfully so! But in today's culture, it seems perfectly OK to offend men, even ridicule us for speaking out in protest against this unfair and unprecedented level of MALE ONLY pornographic nudity that we see in today entertainment. And last but not least, we have individuals such as yourself, and Candice, who conveniently deny (when shown the facts) that this level of male nudity doesn't even exists, or that it's rare.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Hollywood has two sets of rules when it comes the exposure of a man and woman's sexual organs, what most of us call "A Double Standard"! Everything can be pornographically shown on a man, but not on a woman. Furthermore, they try to spoon feed our society the message that graphically exposing the entire penis is not pornographic and is perfectly acceptable, but simply exposing any part of the Vulva, the outer female sexual organ, is extremely pornographic and forbidden!

It's an overtly sexist and obnoxious double standard! One that Candice openly promotes! And a lot of men (expect for you, Colin) are finally waking up and starting to speak out in protest as we are becoming alienated and completely fed up with it, hence the exceedingly greater number of posts here (above my own) that point out this fact.

Mal said...

Jon, not to get you off track from your penis comments, but look at the conversation this way: track the numbers, women as a whole appear nude on camera moreso than men and it has been that way for decades.

Colin Biggs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

["Jon, not to get you off track from your penis comments"]

No problem, Mal, but it was also vagina/vulva comments... Just so it stays on track. ;)

[" track the numbers, women as a whole appear nude on camera moreso than men and it has been that way for decades."]

Mal, I'm sure you'll completely disagree with me, but women appearing nude more than men on film is one of the biggest misconceptions of all time due to the way our society disregards male nudity. Male nudity is shown quite often, but it's rarely spoken of.

A man's bare chest (also sexualized by women) as well as his bare buttocks are also considered nudity. So (using your words), men are also "appearing nude on camera". Now, I'm not saying women's exposed breast are the same level of explicitness as men's, but both are still considered nudity. To look at it objectively and properly gauge the numbers, one needs to set aside all preconceptions, as well as any cultural subjectivity, and stick to the basic definitions as to what is and is not considered "nudity". Also, nudity has to be categorized into two areas: Genital Nudity and Non-Genital Nudity.

With that said, it is men who "appear nude on camera" far, far more than women, especially when it comes to graphic male genital nudity as low as a PG rating.

Mal, like any other time, when one starts with the conclusion instead of an open-mind, the real facts cannot matter since there is no possibility of alternate viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

There's so much Dick in movies and TV these says your high chick. The REAL double-standard Is that there's so much Dick swinging around the screens and NO vagina. I think if they should be allowed to show penis they should show bag and if they can't then they should stop with the dick

Anonymous said...

Wrong !! Of course you men know that there is more nude women in almost every movie than there is a man showing his that is called a double standard !!! So if they are going to show a "nude" woman with any private parts including breasts , than they should show a hard man's private .....for every few boob scenes show the man, its only fair! I won't watch a movie w my husband unless its fair. The movies are starting to lose female viewers and since we head the households, they are losing male viewers also !

Anonymous said...

That's incorrect !!! I can name so many movies showing full female frontal .....more so than a man's....They should listen to women and if they are going to show women than they should show men ....they are losing women and couple viewers! Its their loss this is the year 2014 women are not sitting through this double standard anymore and couples respect eachother!

Anonymous said...

If you can name them then let's see it. Non obscured genital nudity. It's been over a year since your post and not one mention of a single movie. I bet that's because you couldn't find a single one. Great job at backing up your argument.

Anonymous said...

And yet again we have this level of intelligence. A feminist zealot that has no idea what nudity is. I'm going to argue now that for every topless man shown I should see a grahpic up close shot of a vagina. That's what the author and you are arguing. Complete and utter ignorance.

Anonymous said...

There are people out there who when counting up "full frontal" nudity will add a mark to the tally if a women comes into frame in a trench coat, turns her back to the camera, opens her coat to a male character in the scene, and the male responds with "hubba, hubba!" (while exposing no additional skin to the camera) And these people out there are female, because in their minds a scene like this "shows" full frontal female nudity, so they count it. Their brains for the majority of them can't differentiate between what is represented on the screen, and what is shown. While the male brain has the edge in determining what is shown. Males won't be able to convince females of this simple, completely obvious to males fact, because females brains work differently and they really are completely unable to see or comprehend the obvious facts of what is shown on screen.

Anonymous said...

Also if you think you are really seeing female nipples then watch "Mallrats" - topless fortune-telling scene... for a few minutes you are seeing three nipples - then the actress takes one off and there's only two. Look at that scene closely - can you tell the real nipples from the fake? I think not (not before the fake is pulled off that is).. wouldn't bee surprised if in addition the merkins there were a lot of fake nipple prosthetics covering actual nipples.. of course if you're watching movies you're not actually seeing real anything in a strict sense - it's a organized pattern/arrangement of colors of light. as for real/fake nudity - the Jessica Alba movie where she filmed the scenes in a bikini and then in digital post processing the bikini was removed to show her "nude".. bet the people watching count that as nude as well... though I here wolf of wall street male nudity was digital post processed in as well. Most of Hollywood is fake. Most of porn is "fake" sex (like movies show "fake" interaction with people)..
And to be loutish, crude, or some other insensitive moniker, if people (men or women) want to see more real male nudity, all they have to do is view porn, or if they don't want to do that then just ask a few men nearby (gay men ask gay men, women ask hetero men) and they'll probably see all they want. Males tend to be quick to jump into this sort of thing. Look up the College Psych experiment where they had men ask women to have sex (very low percentage of takers) and women ask men to have sex (high percentage of takers.) Males and females tend to be different (is that a suprize to anyone?)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sick and tired of this double standard and it won't be long before the younger generation of boys help turn the tide on this sexist, feminist drivel that boobs = penis. There is far, far more male nudity (of all types) on film and tv today and it's becoming very unhealthy. I'd encourage any man who is confronted with graphic scenes of men's genitals in a film or on tv in his house while his partner is there, to go and watch some porn, which incidentally is what this feminist-driven double standard unfairness is driving men to do.

Anonymous said...

My question: "why no actual pink parts" but full on twig and berries; soft/semi (pretty often), erect (6 feet under just one example), money shot (Tell Me you Love Me)...and so on and so forth? The only pink parts that I can even remember seeing that wasn't shadowed, covered by puff or from 10 miles away would be in Orange is the New Black (photo image only). I can't think of one actual shot of "living, moving pink" in premium cable or R (or less) movies. I've grown tired of all the man ass, D and B's; is it reparations or something for historic boobs in films (which is not equal screen time by any stretch of the imagination)?'s that obvious from how I see it. What's up in Hollywood besides over doing it with twigs and berries??

John D said...

Have to agree with the vast bulk of the comments. The vulva (the female pubic triangle complete with cleft) is no where to be seen in any TV cable or mainstream film that I've seen. Yet penises are shoved in our faces all the time. Bit sick of it really. Its no wonder that men turn to porn. Women of course don't have to because they get it supplied constantly in mainstream media. Its a feminist agenda of course and you can see where they are going with it. Penises, even erect ones, are supposedly not porn anymore so if we can then get porn banned we'll have all the fun and men wont get any. Not a fair world!

Unknown said...

I totally understand every man who has viewed an opinion against that stupid woman. I am a 41 year old man from Britain and I can remember watching British TV in the 1990's. On sex programes (the British are not at all prudish, posh, and reserved by the way, they're the total opposite despite what they want other people to think about them) they would show penises but never dare show a vagina. They would also show programes explicitly about the penis but not the vagina. You would also see non sex programmes with a dildo or some other form of false penis. I remember a sex programme that featured women's gentials and only included a very vague child-like drawing of a vagina but when they focused on men they not only showed about three 'men' dressed in giant penis costumes they then showed nine penises! To compare: a vague drawing of a vagina to nine penises plus penis costumes? Complete opposites. I also remember a programme showing many penis pics and other TV stations making programmes about the penis seemingly every month. Never about the vagina except one that didn't dare show any. It was a programme about the vagina in name only, they wouldn't dare show one. On British TV they have for many decades show full frontal female nudity including pubic hair but since then they would show explicit penises but not a vagina. That has changed radically in the last fifteen years or so and they will now show vaginas in a very explicit way on sex or health programmes. I haven't been a regular TV viewer for many years but when I've looked at British TV they at last do show Vaginas just as much (or slightly less) than penises and are very explicit when they do and even show held open vaginas. I actually don't think penises and vaginas should be shown on TV or films, but if they are going to be shown there has to be equality and NOT where one of them (the penis) is ONLY shown and the vagina (and I mean the vagina NOT public hair) is NEVER shown. This situation is because of politically correct 'men' and women in TV and films. They're not at all afraid of offending men by showing penises but are terrified of offending women by showing vaginas. The imbalance is incredible and baffling! How can they think it's perfectly acceptable to show penis after penis but never ever a vagina? And arrogant feminists like this stupid cow even then assert that the opposite is the case and that it's women who are being offended! If this situation makes you blood boil with being offended and amazed at the total imbalance write to your TV stations and question them about it. If they're going to show penises they HAVE to show vaginas! And I mean vaginas, not a mass of pubic hair where the vagina is conveniantly hidden! Thankfully British TV has gotten over it's nervousness about showing vaginas, it's time American TV did. How can TV and films only show penises but never a vagina? When feminists and politically correct 'men' talk about sexploition and sexism remind them of what they show on TV and films. Email your TV station about this situation and at least see what they say. The sooner Americans start seeing vaginas on their TV's and film s the better!

Unknown said...

Well said Vanny, the real reason for showing penises but not vaginas is political correctness from feminist and liberals. Those scum don't care about offending men but are hyper sensitive about offending women. If all their going to show of women is pubic hair then do the same for men! Just imagine if this situation was the other way around! The feminists and and politic correct libs would be going mad. To everyone who feels this way (men and women) don't just sit there, email anyone connected with TV shows and movies that continue this horrendous sexism to men. Find their contact details online and ask why they find it acceptable to show penises but not vaginas and when will they start showing as many vaginas (vulva, clitoris, ect) as they do penises. Men (and those decent women who support this) must take action now. Email, phone, write to, contact in any way TV channels and movie companies demanding equality in genital exposure. I have done so and so should you. God this whole situation is so sickening. Take action now!

Unknown said...

Well said Vanny, the real reason for showing penises but not vaginas is political correctness from feminist and liberals. Those scum don't care about offending men but are hyper sensitive about offending women. If all their going to show of women is pubic hair then do the same for men! Just imagine if this situation was the other way around! The feminists and and politic correct libs would be going mad. To everyone who feels this way (men and women) don't just sit there, email anyone connected with TV shows and movies that continue this horrendous sexism to men. Find their contact details online and ask why they find it acceptable to show penises but not vaginas and when will they start showing as many vaginas (vulva, clitoris, ect) as they do penises. Men (and those decent women who support this) must take action now. Email, phone, write to, contact in any way TV channels and movie companies demanding equality in genital exposure. I have done so and so should you. God this whole situation is so sickening. Take action now!

Anonymous said...

Please prepare a list of 10 movies where the vagina is in full view Candice? You will find it very hard, I promise you. The fact is females have become so conditioned that topless male nudity is ok that they now compare penis to boobs. Men are as always taken for granted. What is needed perhaps is to expose breasts way more so men can be conditioned to accept it as the norm. Then perhaps we can compare apples with apples... Or vaginas to penis.

Anonymous said...

You are right... Trance is the only movie that shows vagina lips and then not nearly in detail as penis shots.. Besides the fact that vagina is never shown, it is never shown in a humiliating or comedic fashion... That will be the next frontier of movies.... Cannot wait for that day of equality and empowerment!

Unknown said...

Yes the vagina scenes (there were two of them and thankfully for once no penises) in Trance were fleeting but at least the viewer clearly saw an exposed vagina for once. Hopefully that will be the beginning of vaginas being shown on American movies/TV. Absolutely hideous and bizarre situation. Men must act! Email, facebook message, phone these criminals in Hollywood and TV. Contact all these scum and question them about this warped situation as I have done.

Truewords said...

Hall pass had an erect penis and thats ok? I am a fool to have even watched such rubbish .Women are the biggest hypocrites ever. Where is the wet vulva shot?
In hostel 2 a penis was severed and mutilated where is a movie with a vagina mutilated? Women should not be allowed to hold any positions as Joan Graves of theMpaa is a hypocrite and Women are evil and not to be trusted. So glad Hillary lost if this is the double standard they adhere to

Truewords said...

Email the Mpaa at :
Honestly, i will never trust or vote for a woman again. Ever. Grab them by pussy is not acceptable but showing erect penis is?

Unknown said...

Kudos to you and the fantastic response. Couldn't have worded this better myself. From all the shows made for TV by networks like HBO and Starz, they have no problem showing penis and men flaunting round with their testicles flopping about but then if we see any hint of a vagina you see this 70's bush that all look the same because the actress is wearing a pubic bikini!! Made to look like a naked vagina! Sad but true, this article is nothing more than a grasp at straws of a thing that maybe used to be logical back in the good ol days when an actress actually did get naked for the camera, but now they have inventions such as the merkin to fool men and women who like women. Shame they haven't figured out a male penis bikini because they've gotten as good as photoshop to make a woman look naked in real life! Thanks for this post, it was very spot on!

Anonymous said...

This boils down to one thing. Men were born without huge breasts and really onlybhave one genital that can be exposed. By most standards today most female stars don't get pressured to do a topless seen, they jump to do it! Most liberated women these days are typically seen topless without a care on nude beaches and many places all over the world! Not to mention and the wardrobe failures that are what you know are intentional. The Super Bowl is becoming a commonplace thing to expect a female actress or singer to expose themself on TV during the big game or otherwise on the red carpet at a major award ceremony. Combatants to people shredding this B.S. Article are just as delusional as Candice'

Unknown said...

Candice. No. The "double standard" is reversed. Everywhere you look there are penises, mostly flaccid, sometimes semi and even very rarely fully erect. As everyone has said, breast does not equal penis. However, you claim in a response that you were also including vaginas... you mean fully covered with merkin full-frontal moments? The absolute 99.999% lack of vulva in film? The male penis being highlighted with spotlights while they continue to cover vaginas with merkins and severe shadows/post process darkening? If you equate a fake glued/taped on bush to "vagina" then you must also equate thongs and panty shots as well, because they are the same thing as fake pubes. Meanwhile penis and testicles go completely center screen.

Sorry Candice, the irony is the double standard is indeed against the actual female reproductive organ.

To give you a perfect example, there is an independent film called "Love" on Netflix, wherein they have no qualms showing fully erect penises under spotlight receiving handjobs/blowjobs and fully ejaculating, and not a single vagina is shown, at least not in full view, always in complete shadow, unable to perceive any details.

That movie represents the industry standard. While you are blinded by tits, taking the penis for granted, you forget that pussy still goes almost entirely taboo.

N8 said...

I refuse to watch male genital nudity in movies until we see a woman’s vagina, vulva, clitoris in detail not a mere glimpse if at all. I now boycott Hollywood for this double genital standard. #Hollywood

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