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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tyler Perry's Rape Effect and the Late Roger Ebert's Impact on Films on Today's "Cinema in Noir"

You've probably heard a little about this on the web last week--headlines that read something like, "Tyler Perry Isn’t Just an Artless Hack, He’s a Scary Ideologue" from or "Tyler Perry's Temptation Rape Problem" from And, you've probably guessed it, the notorious filmmaker  has a new movie out and folks are NOT loving it.

Not only are they not praising it like they've done so many of his other films, but they are calling him out about his female ideals and his influence in today's much talked about rape culture. Supposedly his latest, Tyler Perry's Temptation, goes full throttle conservative and reportedly condemns both female sexuality and forward thinking on any level (I haven't seen the movie myself, and have no plans to). So, naturally, we at Cinema in Noir were all over that today.

On today's episode we also discussed the late Roger Ebert's influence on not only black films but films in general--how he made film criticism accessible and held others in his field accountable for biases held against certain films.

Lastly, Tim Gordon from "Keeping It Reel" calls in to talk about the new documentary on freedom fighter Angela Davis, Free Angela and All Political Prisoners (in theaters now) and our co-host Rebecca raves about the upcoming Jackie Robinson film, 42 (in theaters this Friday). Catch a recap below:

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Daniel said...

42 sounds very interesting. I'm a big sports fan but never been a fan of sports films, nice to hear that there's a balanced male female love story as well.

Temptation sounds even worse than the trailers let on and that scene sounds exactly like that General Hospital situation....

David Baruffi said...

I don't mean to be over-corrective, but you were wrong on "Boyz N the Hood", Siskel actually liked it,just as much. He had it #3 on his Top Ten list that year, (Ebert had it #2) and both were highly influential in championing that film, and getting it out to mainstream audiences. Both are greatly missed. I couldn't find their old "Boyz N the Hood" TV show review, but I remember it quite well, and I always thought Siskel loved it even more than Ebert myself, the way he talked about it.

Candice Frederick said...

Thanks for listening! That was my cohost who mentioned the boyz in the hood review but we're just happy it was championed!

Creative Radiance said...

Very interested to see Oblivion, but I think I'll wait for it on Itunes. You all seem pretty authentic in your reaction so, I'll be checking it out on video release. Some of the problematic things you all mentioned, sounded to me like the director was a little overwhelmed with the scope by the way. Happens.

With Kristen Stewart, we don't know that - that was the case. You know we can't believe everything we hear.

I love Will Smith's vision. I'd just love him to employ a private acting coach. I won't get into the why's - too technical, but I think he needs to strengthen his abilities. He's so well loved, why not?

What is the name of the Cupid web series?? Loved the interview. :) Hmmm. I have natural hair, I wonder (LA)...

Candice Frederick said...

Yeah, Oblivion is a bit of a mess at times. The Kristen Stewart mention was only an opinionated speculation by one of our co hosts. I love Will Smith too, but only in certain roles. He could definitely benefit from an acting coach.

Candice Frederick said...

and the Hello Cupid interview was also in a newer podcast we did, which I spotlighted on the blog in thsi post: (the link to Hello Cupid is included there as well).

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