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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Black Superheroes, Fitz and Olivia's Tired Love Affair and Hollywood's Double Ethnic Problem

Michael B. Jordan and Fantastic Four's The Human Torch

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you were on Twitter at all last week, you may have noticed a few heated arguments going on (in par with the usually wild amount of impassioned opinions)--the notion of a Black actor playing the Human Torch in the next Fantastic Four 4 film, Hollywood's lack of showing same race couples on screen and pretty much anything having to do with the TV show "Scandal." We discussed them all on a special 70-minute episode of Cinema in Noir this evening.

Twitter really erupted with the news that Michael B. Jordan's (Chronicle, Red Tails) is in contention to play The Human Torch in the next Fantastic Four film. On the one side, there is the hope for a Black actor to star in a role previously played by white actors (most recently Chris Evans). And on the other side, some fanboys are rebelling hard against the idea claiming that The Human Torch, a fictional superhero, was never Black and should not be portrayed that way.

As you will hear on tonight's show, I think I am most disturbed by the fact that there's going to be another Fantastic Four film, since I found the first one HORRID enough for me to never want to go near it again. But many are upset by the narrow-minded of some of the fanboy reactions. What do you think about the possible casting?

We also talk about singer Robin Thicke's recent comments about Hollywood's so-called 'double ethnic' problem--the growing lack of same race couples on the both the big and small screens. He claims that his wife, actress Paula Patton, would not be considered in a romantic role opposite Will Smith because the Hollywood doesn't portray Black couples onscreen as much anymore--interracial couples are becoming more marketable. You can listen to his full interview here. Thoughts?

As for this whole Fitz (President Fitzgerald Grant played by Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) controversy on TV's "Scandal," I don't really have a dog in the fight since I stopped watching the show months ago after it refused to move away from its soapy, melodramatic plotline. But it seems like folks are really not in love with Olivia's "relationship" with the married President, and that she is still a very undeveloped character despite the show being well into its second season.

Eh, sounds like the show hasn't changed much from the last time I watched it back in November. Listen to our full take on all these discussions and reviews of the latest new releases on the Cinema in Noir Blog Talk Radio channel (title of the show: "Hollywood's Double Ethnic Problem").

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Julian said...

While i don't mind the Torch's race being changed, i would much rather Marvel(and DC i suppose) start adapting their already black superheroes for the screen.

On a related note, i've noticed people will always jump and holler about a white character having their race changed in a adaption but i rarely hear people pressuring those companies to start making films of their already black superheroes.

And as for the double ethnic issue. I think that is a symptom of black actors/actresses not getting prominent roles in general.

Daniel said...

Changing the race of the character really doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned. I know some of those diehards are just like avid fans of book series who just have a preset notion of what should be present and are bothered by any changes to "their" properties.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

I don't mind if Human Torch's race is changed in new movie. They already did it with Nick Fury in Marvel movies who was originally white in classic comics. Sam Jackson was awesome! And they're doing the change too for Daily Planet editor Perry White with him being played by Larry Fishburne in upcoming Man of Steel. Perry White becomes black! It works for me!

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