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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Michelle Pfeiffer And Robert De Niro Star In The Mafia Comedy 'THE FAMILY' [See Images And Trailer]

No matter how much Robert De Niro tries to move away from his tough guy/mafioso appeal (last year's Silver Linings Playbook was an impressive departure), he keeps finding himself back in the fold.

In THE FAMILY, the Oscar winner stars as Giovanni Manzoni, the patriarch of a U.S. mafia family that is placed in a witness protection program in Normandy, France, after he rats out his cohorts. Billed as a comedy, the film is directed and co-written by Luc Besson (who hasn't really won over critics lately, despite his much under-appreciated drama, The Lady, in  2011).

De Niro is joined by Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays his wife and mother of their two teenage kids (played by Dianna Agron and John D'Leo). Pfeiffer is another one who seems to have lost her way in Hollywood after reminding audiences of her awesomeness in 2011's White Oleander. Last year's Dark Shadows was a rather dark moment in her career (as it was for everyone else involved with that film). And, actually, she kinda looks like she is playing a very similar character here, which is not a good sign.

As the plot of THE FAMILY goes, the clan is having a pretty rough time keeping their cover in their new digs, due to their own inability to leave their past behavior behind them. Tommy Lee Jones is also there to try to keep their in check. You'll see in the trailer that Pfeiffer's character blows up a grocery store in anger, and Agron body slams a kid to the ground. Let's hope those aren't the only funny parts in the movie.

The trailer makes sure to note that the film is executive produced by Martin Scorsese, probably hoping to draw in his respected audience. Check out the clip:

I love Pfeiffer and De Niro (and, of course, Scorsese), but I'm not sure they're enough to bring me to the theater for this one. When I think of enjoyable fish-out-of-water crime lord comedies, my automatic go-tos are Mickey Blue Eyes and The Whole Nine Yards. What say you?

Relativity Media has also released a few new images from the movie:

Giovanni Manzoni (Robert De Niro)

Manzoni's wife (Michelle Pfeiffer)

 THE FAMILY releases in theaters September 20th.


Daniel said...

This might work but I get the feeling it could be incredibly silly with very little comedic bite.

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