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Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Cinema In Noir" Asks...What Makes a Feminist Film?

That is today's hot button question on our newest podcast episode of "Cinema in Noir." And, as it turns out, the definition in itself is quite subjective. Why? Because what makes a woman feminist is equally as subjective as what makes a film feminist. If you look at the evolution of so-called feminist films over the last 50 years, you'll notice a shift in the definition. Folks throwing around the word "feminist film" every week. Are all films with the female lead character automatically feminist, or does it take a good amount of feminist empowerment and themes in the storytelling to make it a pro-feminist work of cinema? Or has "feminist film" become just another way to uplift female-led films that aren't so great? I'm asking sincerely. 

Needless to say, we all had an opinion on that one.

But we also took a look at Spike Lee's recently released list of essential films to watch. You can read the full here. Like many auteur's lists who have come before him, you might notice that a few of your favorites are overlooked. However, like I mentioned above--much of film criticism is subjective, regardless of what many of have been told. Should Lee have more talent of color on the list, more female, I mean, er, feminist, films? Or, should he simply just have, well, his essential list of films to watch?

We also shared our reviews of The Wolverine and Blue Jasmine (we liked one of these), and talked about the latest in film headlines (including this Rocky 7 business with Michael B. Jordan and his Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler).

Missed the show? You can watch our Google On Air Hangout (via YouTube) below:


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