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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Six Spine-Tingling Photos Will Make You Want To Rethink Your Stay At Hotel 'OLDBOY'

I finally had the pleasure of watching Chan-wook Park's epically disturbing drama, OLDBOY, a few months ago, which made me that much more interested in how Spike Lee will re-imagine the film for American audiences. If you follow the filmmaker on Twitter, then you already know that he's promising an eye-full in his remake starring Josh Brolin. 

Film District has come up with a pretty nifty marketing ploy to further pique your interests: six spine-tingling photos to prepare you for your stay at Hotel Oldboy. Check them out below:

OLDBOY hits theaters November 27th. 


Daniel said...

Very interested to see how Lee's version turns out, those are some interesting promos.

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