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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cinema In Noir Asks: What's Your Favorite Scary...TV Show?

I'm kinda loving that the iconic question from Scream has now morphed into "What's your favorite scary TV show?" Why? Because there's just so many great horror stories that have come to the small screen, more so than there have been in theaters lately. We talk about all of them--from "Sleepy Hollow to "The Walking Dead"--on today's Cinema in Noir. Not only is it great that they're out there for you to watch, but that they have more characterization and have the capacity to explore certain themes that the big screen just hasn't been doing lately. And...the diversity on these shows is awesome! Our co-host, Rebecca Theodore-Vachon, counted seven characters on "Sleepy Hollow" alone. SEVEN! That's including the newest additions to the cast, Jill Marie Jones (who you may remember from last season's "American Horror Story: Coven") and Amandla Stenberg (Colombiana and The Hunger Games).

While discussing "The Walking Dead" the conversation inevitably (and to our joy) shifted to an appreciation of all the male characters on the show. Yes, we talk about the possibility of Richonne (the anticipated Rich/Michonne hookup) to my personal favorite, Daryl and Michonne, and Glenn and Tyrese (and even Shane, remember him?). So our second question of today's episode would have to be this: Who's your favorite man on "The Walking Dead?"

Leave your comments below on TV horror and the men of "The Walking Dead!" Watch today's Cinema in Noir here.


Marvin said...

I would have to say my absolute favorite right now is Hannibal. I'm hoping that doesn't get lost in the sauce of all the other good shows out there. I still need to see Bates Motel.

Daniel said...

Hannibal and Bates Motel are great shows, recommend both. Twilight Zone is still my favorite sci-fi/horror series.

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