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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trailer Watch: Michael Peña Stars in the Diego Luna-Directed Biopic on Mexican American Civil Rights Activist César Chávez

I am really, really excited to show you this trailer for CHÁVEZ, the biopic on the Mexican American civil rights leader César Chávez starring the eternally underrated Michael Peña in the title role. It's one of the few biopics on an American civil activist of color that we get to watch on the big screen, so I am happy to see the film come to fruition. Not only does it give Peña a chance to shine in a major starring role, but it also adds another directing credit to actor Diego Luna's already long résumé.

The trailer is just over two minutes long, but you can already grasp the intensity of the story, which is also peppered with passionate speeches and dialogue. Rosario Dawson also stars in the film as Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association with Chávez. America Ferrera plays Chávez's wife, Helen. John Malkovich, who co-produced the film with Luna, Gael García Bernal, and several others, also makes an appearance in the trailer. Keir Pearson, who wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for Hotel Rwanda, penned the film.

Watch the trailer:

CHÁVEZ opens in theaters April 4th, 2014.


Daniel said...

This looks fantastic! Hispanic based stories and biopics are in short supply and I really think Pena will do great in this role!

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