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Friday, October 18, 2013

TV Has Become The New Horror Haven

I remember when every October for several years there was the inevitable battle between horror juggernauts Paranormal Activity and Saw. Regardless of what you think of either franchise (I happen to prefer the latter), you can't argue with the fact that they were dependable. If you're a scary movie buff, then you'd be especially grateful to rush to the theaters to see what new shenanigans Jigsaw was up to, or what phantoms a suburban couple had to deal with this time.

But since just last year, after Paranormal bowed out with its fourth installment (its swan song came two years after Saw 3D: The Final Chapter in 2010), we have experienced a noticeable decrease in the genre on the big screen. Whereas in 2012 there were four popular horror films, including the Ethan Hawke-starrer Sinister, to choose from with staggered releases to fill up the entire month, we only have one major film representing the genre this month--Carrie (in theaters today), the remake of the classic 1976 film. This just doesn't seem right.

I don't know whether it's a lack of any-quality films to quench the horror movie appetite this year, the absence of big budget franchises, or even perhaps the fact that the "awards-worthy" films, which seemed to have started earlier than normal this year, have clogged the release schedule. But I think it's fair to say that the small screen has been doing a better job this month with providing a consistent amount of entertaining choices to watch. From "Sleepy Hollow" to "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story: Coven," not to mention all the great horror movie marathons airing on channels like AMC (shout out to AMC FearFest!), TV is simply where it's at. It's free (kinda) and convenient. Just more proof that the small screen has continued to become a viable contender in entertainment over the last few years.

But for those of you still looking for big screen scares, you may be in luck. Though it's not coming to theaters anytime this month (release date is January 3rd), Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones provides a Latino spin and hopes to recapture the style of the original franchise. Christopher Landon, who wrote the last three Paranormal screenplays, wrote and directed the new film. Only time will tell whether this will take off like the original franchise. Judging by the trailer below, it looks like more of the same, but with a mostly Latino cast. What say you?


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