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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cinema In Noir: What About All The Iconic Actresses Of Color?

I'm a sucker for top ten lists of any kind--Best Gangster Movies Of All Time, Most Memorable TV Deaths, Best Yoga Poses For Your Back. Give me a list, and I'm likely to click on it. So when I was looking up who other sites consider the most iconic actresses of all time, I couldn't help but notice the glaring omission of actresses of color on pretty much every single list I read (note: when I looked up specific searches like "most iconic Latina actresses" of course those lists looked a lot different).

Which brings us to one of tonight's Cinema in Noir topic: who are some of the most iconic actresses of color of all time? With the constant focus on Marilyn Monroe, still one of the most imitated stars ever, we thought it would be important to spotlight some of the iconic actresses of color that often go missing from the conversation--Hollywood veterans such as Eartha Kitt, Rita Moreno and Anna May Wong. Not so surprisingly, we still have a ways to go before more minority actresses like them receive the recognition they deserve.

Also on the show we discussed the so-called "post-racial revolution" that many sites have been delving into lately, most recently with the success of such diverse fantasy and sci-fi TV shows as Arrow and Sleepy Hollow. And with that came a conversation the differences between diversity and what it means to be post-racial. These two things are not equitable. Repeat: THEY ARE NOT THE SAME CONCEPT. While we appreciate that people are starting to take notice of the accessibility of multiracial casts gaining momentum mostly on the small screen, we want to make clear that this does not mean that the topic of race is still not considered a challenge in and beyond. You can read the articles we referred to in our discussion here and here.

In addition to our two main topics, we had our trailer talk (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Purge: Anarchy) and covered the latest casting headlines.

Missed the show? Listen to a recap here.


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