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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Really Need NOAH To Be Great Mostly Because Of Jennifer Connelly

Connelly at the world premiere of NOAH in Mexico City 

I know Darren Aronosky's upcoming epic re-imagining of NOAH (in theaters March 28) has been getting a lot of attention for its depiction of religious themes, but I am still fascinated to see it and I'm relying on the fact that one of my favorite directors has at the very least created a glorious spectacle (after all, Aronofsky is known for his fantastical show pieces). Another part of my anticipation is that I really, desperately, need to see the return of Jennifer Connelly. 

No, I'm not talking about Connelly as in The Day the Earth Stood Still and Dark Water, and her merely serviceable roles in Little Children and Blood Diamond. I'm talking about the great Connelly, whose big screen alter ego range from a lost drug addict who'd join a sex gang in order to pay for some blow in Requiem for a Dream to a tragic alcoholic who can't sever her relationship with the past from her more dismal present in House of Sand and Fog. For crying out loud, I am talking about Oscar winner Connelly whose heartbreaking performance in A Beautiful Mind was one of the main reasons why that film is so tremendous. That's the actress I need back, the one who I hope is starring in NOAH

My dream is that by reuniting with Aronfsky (her Requiem director) he brought out the best in her, and that re-teaming with her Beautiful co-star Russell Crowe has also been a rewarding experience. As Naameh, the wife of the title character, who you may know better as the Biblical hero with the ark, Connelly has the potential to embody a woman who is much more significant than "spouse," but who knows how the story will unfold. I just cannot have her on screen anymore circulating the plot without actually being a part of it. She's better than that. We know all too well how hard it is for women in Hollywood (particularly those vying for complex big screen roles), but Aronofsky has proven more than once that he can certainly illuminate amazing multidimensional female characters (including the wonderful performances in Black Swan and Marisa Tomei's role in The Wrestler), so I hope he has continued his streak with NOAH

Okay, end of rant. Promise. I just needed to get that off my chest. 


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks for this rave for the beautiful and talented Jennifer Connolly! Beautiful Mind is my favourite of her films. Also just saw her in Stuck in Love and she was great!

Daniel said...

I love Aronofsky and Connolly as well, I really hope this film works all around!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! JCon is my favorite actress of all time, and it's a crime she hasn't gotten more attention recently..she's also the most beautiful woman to ever exist, but maybe that's aside from the point heheh..

I recommend Virginia if you haven't seen it yet! It got universally panned during its festival run as 'what's wrong with Virginia' but got re-edited into Virginia, and then nobody had the decency to rereview :(. Her performance is absolutely lovely in it, and I actually very much enjoy the film, too! Quintessential Connelly!!

Thanks for a great read!

Anonymous said...

Went on a connelly rant and forgot to mention aronofsky is my favorite as well!

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