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Thursday, March 13, 2014


photo credit courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Apparently the trailer for Cameron Diaz's latest silly romp debuted online last December and I completely avoided it missed it. Because I am just checking it out today as the newest poster (shown above) dropped and, surprisingly, I think the actress has outdone herself in the ridiculous department (that couldn't have been an easy feat, what with Bad Teacher/Knight and Day/What Happens in Vegas still floating around in the universe).

In her new comedy (?), THE OTHER WOMAN, Diaz stars as a woman who learns that the man she's seeing is married and, to make matters worse, also has another lover on the side. Leslie Mann plays the wife,  Kate, and Kate Upton (a name I hear so often yet still don't really know who she is) plays the additional side piece. So far, nothing too far fetched, right? But wait, it gets worse.

The trio of jilted women (though I hesitate to describe Upton's character as jilted, since she doesn't appear to be losing any sleep over her multitasking beau, since she is happily jogging along the beach Baywatch-style in the trailer) decide to band together to get back at the man who played them (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in horrible and creative ways. Kinda in a First Wives Club kinda way, except these women have all been deceived by the same guy, which makes you think they should probably be scratching each other's eyes out...right? No, instead they're taking the high road (that is, if you call Kate drugging said guy with birth control pills the high road) by uniting in the name of mutual revenge. During which time, the women find themselves giggling over shared cocktails and bar hopping together. Wait...what?

The premise just seems so unrealistic and like a very far-fetched attempt at a female-bonding film. Though I like Mann, I would have preferred to see her in something that I could get excited about (especially since This is 40 was so awful). Singer Nicki Minaj is also in the movie, playing Lydia, who's apparently Diaz's sassy stream of consciousness. Ugh, I can only hope there's more to this story than its trailer.

THE OTHER WOMAN was directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, John Q), and will be in theaters April 25th.


Brittani Burnham said...

I was embarrassed for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau when I saw this trailer. He deserves better than this.

Yolanda6 said...

I will wait for it to premiere on Netflix.

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