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Friday, March 28, 2014

"What Do You Mean You Don't Watch Scandal?"

Raise your hand if you've ever been asked this question and immediately rolled your eyes. If you're on Twitter during the 10pm hour on Thursdays, chances are you you know exactly what I'm talking about. Scandal, the ABC political drama/soap opera now in its third season, has captured the attention of countless devotees of Shonda Rhimes (creator and writer of the show) who will do anything in their power to try to convert you to their side.

While I am a big fan of the show's star, Kerry Washington, who plays a tough-as-nails political spin doctor who's also entangled in a vicious love triangle with none other than the President of the United States, and even eagerly watched the first season and a half, I quickly grew tired of its aggressively maudlin approach and lack of character depth at the time and stopped watching it altogether. I realized that I was slowly losing a connection with the show at the start of its second season, which was around the time that I began live hate-tweeting about the show. That's when I knew Scandal really just wasn't for me, and there really was no need for me to rain on anyone else's parade. So I jumped off the Scandal live tweeting train.

Why watch something I don't like when I can be watching something I do like, right? Like the remaining episodes in season 7 and 8 of Dexter that I am still wading through, or the complete West Wing and Alias series--both of which have been collecting dust in my queue for eons. There just isn't enough time in the day to be spending it watching something I hate. Makes sense, right? Wrong, according to the people of twitter, a social platform by which people either vindicate or vilify you simply based off your choices in TV and film alone.

It's a rather fine line to walk when you don't like something seemingly so universally loved as Scandal. Despite my efforts to never tweet about the show anymore (I can't really comment on something I no longer watch anyway), the show's fans still find me each week and ask why I am not flooding everyone's timelines during the bewitching hour of live tweeting along with the rest of the world. My answer: Because I don't watch the show. Their response: What?! Why?! Ugh, the dreaded question that really cannot be answered in 140 characters. I think the better question here would be for me to ask why you are policing twitter for Scandal traitors? Why aren't you too busy enjoying your show along with the millions of other twitter fans? Seems kinda strange to divert your attention to me, while I'm blissfully live-tweeting Elementary and Parenthood (yes, I somehow manage to watch both shows at the same time) with the five other people who watch it as well. I don't patrol twitter for people who don't care to watch the wild sh*t that is going down on Justified. Sure, I think they're all missing out on some great TV but who am I to judge them? That's just more Timothy Olyphant for me to enjoy all by my lonesome.

I truly love the live-tweeting movement, and the relationships it has sparked on twitter. Really, I do. I like that it creates a virtual viewing experience that only enhances the pleasure of watching the show. In fact, I think it makes watching certain shows even better than they are (*cough* American Idol *cough). But we really need to get to a place where we can live-tweet our favorite show without waiting for it to be validated by the people of twitter, or searching for the two people who don't bother to watch the same thing you do just so you can judge them openly. Our twitter obsession makes it easy to peer over the viewing habits of others who choose to live-tweet, but there's just no reason for the weekly Scandal role call. No, I don't like the show. No, I don't want to try watching the show again, despite those who say "it's gotten soooo much better, though!" But please, continue to inundate my timeline with an explicit play-by-play of each scene. I find those tweets a helluva lot more entertaining than the actual show anyway.


37paddington said...


37paddington said...

I do think the show has gone a little off the rails. I have been considering abandoning it myself.

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