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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EMOTICON ;), Starring ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK's Diane Guerrero, Aims to Crack the Code of Modern Communication

I have to say, I really love the discourse recent films have presented about today's new form of communication (Her, Disconnect, etc). With millenials and children resorting strictly to digital means of communicating with one another, and traditional communication--such as, say, picking up the phone--becoming obsolete, it only makes sense that art will begin to tackle this conversation plague that has caused many of us to grow apart. 

That's why EMOTICON :) caught my eye. Not only is it directed and co-written by a woman (Livia De Paolis), but it looks to tackle the communication deficit with a story that shows how to embrace both the traditional and digital trends. Another thing that's interesting about it is that it features both older and younger characters grappling with digital dependency as it affects various areas of their lives--school, romance and family. More in the synopsis:

Elena Gallenti (Livia De Paolis) is an anthropology graduate student struggling to complete her thesis on 'modern means of communication.' All that changes when she meets her new boyfriend's (Michael Cristofer) teenage kids (Miles Chandler and Diane Guerrero), who are going through their own journeys of self-discovery. Through these relationships and the help of her PHD advisor (Carol Kane), Elena comes to a better understanding of how to navigate love and intimacy in the digital age. Ultimately they develop a bond that strikes a balance between the old world and the new.

It will be interesting to see Guerrero playing a teenager since I know her as the potty-mouthed vixen on "Orange is the New Black." I'm also intrigued to see De Paolis' take on this trend topic. She has a master's degree in philosophy, so something tells me the movie will inspire a lot of rhetorical questions concerning relationships. Watch the trailer:

EMOTICON :) hits theaters May 30th.


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