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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scarlett Johansson On Her Role In 'UNDER THE SKIN': "It's Strange To Be Completely Out Of Control"

Something tells me that UNDER THE SKIN is one of those films that I may appreciate after watching it a few more times in the next couple of years. But, if you remember from my review, right now I am not a big fan of it--as I feel it focuses more on intrigue than exploration. I am, however, still committed to the Scarlett Johansson fan club. As I've written before, she's a daring actress who finds beauty in even the darkest roles.

In the new featurette seen below, the actress talks about her immersion into the role of an alien seductress, saying "I felt like I was on a ride." Director Jonathan Glazer also discusses his newest muse and how he was inspired watching her.

UNDER THE SKIN is now playing in NY and LA, and expands nationwide throughout April.


Daniel said...

Thanks for the featurette, I'm still looking forward to checking this film out because I'm very much a member of the Scarlett Johansson fan club as well. I really think she's just as talented as anyone out there.

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