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Monday, April 21, 2014

Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne And Zac Efron Ham It Up In New Images From 'NEIGHBORS'

Call it my not-so-secret nerd crush on Seth Rogen, my unreliable fascination with frat boy humor, or the fact that I think there's a lot more depth in Knocked Up than people give it credit for, but I'm looking forward to NEIGHBORS. In fact, if you want full disclosure, I laughed several times watching the red band trailer recently, which you should definitely watch if you haven't already:

So here's the setup: Rogen stars as Mac, a suburban dad just trying to maintain the peace in his neighborhood where he lives with his wife (Rose Byrne) and their newborn baby, when in comes Zac Efron as a hopped-up super jock who moves next door with his rowdy fraternity house. Hilarity ensues when Rogen and Efron face off in a series of one-ups that could make up a full episode of Who's Block is This? (A TV show I totally just made up in which contestants compete with each other to reclaim their neighborhood--you know that sounds like a reality show that can happen).

The film is directed by Nicholas Stoller, who helmed Get Him to the Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (neither of which I cared for, but this looks way better) with a script by the team behind the video short Acting with James Franco. (I still hold to a previous point I made that suggests James Franco is his own irony and I low-key think he's quasi brilliant). 

Anyway, Universal Pictures just released a few new images from the film that should also tickle your funny bone. Check 'em out:

I'm gonna see watch this with all my friends and you can't stop me. NEIGHBORS invades theaters on May 9th. 


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