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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Elizabeth Banks Has A Night Of Bad Decisions In The Red Band Trailer For 'WALK OF SHAME'

Oh come on, you mean to tell me you've never tiptoed out of your one-night stand's apartment in the middle of the night wearing a spandex minidress, got your car towed and been mistaken for a hooker? Then you haven't lived.

Just kidding (kinda). As you will see from the red band trailer (below) for WALK OF SHAME, Elizabeth Banks experiences one helluva evening in the new comedy heading to theaters and VOD on May 2nd. The actress stars as an ambitious reporter who may be on the brink of landing a coveted new position (if she can only make it home first). More in the synopsis:

The outrageous comedy WALK OF SHAME stars Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect) as a resourceful reporter whose one-night stand with a handsome stranger (James Marsden of Anchorman 2) leaves her stranded the next morning in downtown Los Angeles without a phone, car, ID, or money - and only 8 hours before the most important job interview of her career.

From Lakeshore Entertainment and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, WALK OF SHAME also stars Gillian Jacobs (Community), Sarah Wright Olsen, Kevin Nealon, Ethan Suplee, Bill Burr, and Willie Garson (White Collar). Written and directed by Steven Brill, the movie is produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, and Sidney Kimmel. The executive producers are Eric Reid, Ted Gidlow, Jim Tauber, Bruce Toll, Matt Berenson, and Peter Schlessel.

After watching the trailer, I take "outrageous" as code for "ridiculous," but I am a big Elizabeth Banks fan, so I am interested to watch it for her. Also, it's kinda funny that James Marsden has built an entire career out of playing the bad good guy (the guy you want to hate but he keeps winning you over). I should warn you note, however, that Steven Brill's track record is not so great (this is the man who brought us Movie 43 and Without a Paddle), so...yeah.

Watch the new red band trailer:


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