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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Patricia Clarkson is Back as a Leading Lady in LAST WEEKEND, Acquired by Sundance Selects

If you're a fan of Patricia Clarkson like I am, I encourage you to check out a candid interview she did with The Guardian last year in which she talks about the trajectory of her long career, and how she tries to avoid the "matronly" or "peripheral" roles for which she's often sought. Here's a particularly intriguing quote:

"I'm picky at times," she says. "I have sometimes tried to battle the system by saying no to parts I found unbearable. Parts that are desexed, matronly – to just put me in a couple of scenes and have me be the older, you know, dead character, is not gonna fly with me. But I'd say more doors have opened as I've gotten older, which is what you want. It's when all the doors start to slam that I get sad for women my age. Because it's wrooonnng."

Though I read this interview nearly a year ago, it sprung to mind again this afternoon as I was reading information I received information about her latest film, a drama titled LAST WEEKEND, which was just acquired by Sundance Selects (announced today). Coincidentally, this is her first starring role since 2009's Cairo Time (which, shamefully, I actually haven't seen), and has a pretty great supporting cast that includes Judith Light, Zachary Booth (Damages) and Rutina Wesley (True Blood). It will be released theatrically and on VOD later this summer. 

Another cool tidbit about LAST WEEKEND is that it was filmed at the historic 1929 Lake Tahoe estate that was the location of the 1951 Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift film, A Place in the Sun. It was directed by first-time helmers Tom Dolby and tom Williams, mostly known for their producer credits such as The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (based on Dolby's novel of the same name). Here's a little more about LAST WEEKEND:

The darkly comic action of LAST WEEKEND unfolds over the course of a long Labor Day weekend at Lake Tahoe, California. Celia Green (Patricia Clarkson) and her husband, Malcolm (Chris Mulkey), gather their two adult sons (Zachary Booth and Joseph Cross) and their partners for a rare vacation together. As the holiday begins, Celia finds herself torn between her historic estate—and the past that it represents—and her desire to move forward with her life. On Saturday morning, an accident threatens to unhinge Celia’s meticulously devised plans. Amidst this catastrophe, Celia must decide whether she is ready to let go of the house. LAST WEEKEND is a film about the end of an era for a family—and the steps we must often take in order to create new beginnings. 

It actually reminds me of another film I've seen and can't think of the title, but I'm here for Clarkson so I am will definitely check this out. I hope to get an exact release soon, and will let you know when it's available.


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