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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trailer Watch: Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth Team Up for a New Thriller from the Writer of 28 WEEKS LATER

I've never been one to fall for these tedious amnesiac movies, but BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, based on the bestselling novel by S. J. Watson, has managed to attract big name talent for this story of a woman suffering from a memory loss after a devastating accident. Nicole Kidman plays said woman who, as she slowly begins to remember (how about that?) things from her past, starts to expect her husband (Colin Firth) of...something foreboding based on the music in the trailer.

After watching Kidman and Nicolas Cage in the godawful Trespass, I have to confess I am not so quick to run to a new thriller starring Kidman (and Firth is still on probation for the similarly abysmal Magic in the Moonlight more recently). So there's that. But there's also Mark Strong, who I've always felt just needed the right role to catapult him into Firth status. Plus (and here's the biggest draw for me), Rowan Joffe, who co-wrote 28 Weeks Later (and The American, but I choose to not acknowledge this one) wrote and directed BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP. And just like that, I'm now interested. 

Here's a little more on the film in its official synopsis:

A taut thriller based on the worldwide best-selling novel by S.J. Watson, BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is the story of a woman (Nicole Kidman) who wakes up every day with no memory as the result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, terrifying new truths begin to emerge that make her question everything she thinks she knows about her life - as well as everyone in it, including her doctor (Mark Strong) and even her husband (Colin Firth).

Thoughts? BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is in theaters September 12th. 


Brittani Burnham said...

I had to laugh at you putting Firth on "probation." This one sounds like it could be interesting!

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