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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who Should Play Misty Copeland on the Big Screen?

There's a reason why I have a healthy obsession with Misty Copeland. The 31-year-old ballerina overcame insurmountable odds to become the third African-American soloist ever for the prestigious American Ballet Theater in its 77 year history (and the only African-American in the entire company right now) has a body that is nothing short of a work of art, and recently starred in this kickass commercial for Under Armour that went viral:

How can you not bow down? So you can just imagine my excitement when it was announced this week that New Line Cinema will release a big screen movie based on Copeland's own memoir entitled Life in Motion. I. AM. ELATED. But, then I learned that Adam Shankman (who most recently directed the guiltiest pleasure of them all, Rock of Ages) is co-producing the film, and...I get a little less excited. I'm mostly concerned that the film is going to turn into a sloppy, high school musical theater mess and not the super amazing film it can be, one that centers on a black female role model--a virtual anomaly on the big screen these days. *Heavy Sigh*

But, I'm trying to keep hope alive for the project. Which got me thinking: who should play Misty Copeland on the big screen? The first actress who comes to mind is Tessa Thompson, who's quickly climbing the Hollywood ladder these days with projects like Dear White People and the upcoming civil rights film Selma. But I want to open up the casting call to you and ask your thoughts on who should play the dancer in the film. Cast your vote below in the comments box. 


Dell said...

Love the post. For me, and I'll admit I'm going with the easy choice here, but Zoe Saldana feels like a great choice. Looking at the pic you have above and the body type...and Saldana's talent, it just seems like a fit. Name recognition is a plus, also. I do hope "they" knock this one out of the park, no matter who ultimately gets the role.

Unfortunately, you are absolutely right about black female role models being anomalies on the big screen. It's pretty sad what's going on with regards to women of color, particularly with black women. On that note, there is a fun blogathon that just started (not by me) that asks bloggers to talk about great roles of the past that could've been played by women of color. I think you could come up with a great entry. See the details here...

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