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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cinema in Noir: Who Are Today's Great Latina Filmmakers?

Patricia Cardoso
Last Sunday the ladies and I hosted a #CinNoir Twitter chat via our @CinemaInNoir Twitter feed which helped honor National Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating our favorite and most underrated Latino filmmakers. We came up with a strong list that included Rodrigo Garcia (Mother and Child), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman, Biutiful) and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City), but -- with the exception of a few like Patricia Cardoso (Real Women Have Curves) and Patricia Riggen (Girl in Progress) -- we were hard pressed to come up with more female filmmakers. It's been nearly a week since our discussion and I am still thinking about this.

This is a conversation we're constantly having: where are all the great women directors? Where are all the great stories from Latina filmmakers in Hollywood? There are so many great Spanish-language films but they're often ignored by American audiences. I'm sure we're missing plenty more Latina voices from our lists, so I'm going to open this up to you by asking, Who are all the great Latina filmmakers of today?

I look forward to your responses in the comments section.


Shane Slater said...

The only other name I could think of is Icíar Bollaín from Spain. Her films Even The Rain (starring Gael Garcia Bernal) and Take My Eyes are both terrific.

Candice Frederick said...

@Shane Slater Thanks! I will look into her

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