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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What In Gawd's Name Is This SERENA Trailer About?

No, really. I need to understand. I know at this point we're just supposed to think that anything Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence do together is the cat's pajamas, but this SERENA trailer, though? I just...what is even going on in this movie?? I see that Lawrence is playing another vixen-type character paired with a much older man (Cooper, for the third time) back in another era, and..she may or may not have killed save their marriage? All I know is by the end of the two-minute clip the couple looks like they've Romeo and Juliet'ed each other. I mean....?

Guess you just had to be there. Maybe the synopsis will help?

North Carolina mountains at the end of the 1920s – George (Bradley Cooper) and Serena Pemberton (Jennifer Lawrence), love-struck newly-weds, begin to build a timber empire. Serena soon proves herself to be equal to any man: overseeing loggers, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving a man’s life in the wilderness. With power and influence now in their hands, the Pembertons refuse to let anyone stand in the way of their inflated love and ambitions. However, once Serena discovers George’s hidden past and faces an unchangeable fate of her own, the Pemberton’s passionate marriage begins to unravel leading toward a dramatic reckoning.

Not...really. Except now we know that this Serena character was a feminist before her time, and can apparently be just as conniving as any man. Win?

Gawd, I hope the movie is better than how it looks. Susanne Bier (Things We Lost in the Fire) directed the film (which could be its saving grace) from Christopher Kyle's (Alexander) screenplay adapted from the original novel by Ron Rash. Rhys Ifans also stars in the film.

Magnolia Pictures will release SERENA on iTunes / VOD February 26, 2015 and in theaters March 27, 2015.


Anonymous said...

This has been in development hell for like three years! LOL, it actually doesn't look near as bad as I assumed. I want it to be good, mainly because I really love Bier's work, but I'm scared.

Brittani Burnham said...

I'm pretty sure this was filmed back in 2011 or something. Maybe it will pull a Cabin in the Woods and still be good even though it sat on the shelf for so long?

Or maybe not.

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