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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now on DVD: Nicole Beharie Stars in the Interracial Romance Drama, MY LAST DAY WITHOUT YOU

November 21st update: I've since watched MY LAST DAY WITHOUT YOU and, while it's not a perfect film (Duken is especially unremarkable in it), Nicole Beharie is absolutely divine in this role. Watch it if only for her. 

Those of you who have recently boarded the "I love Nicole Beharie" train after watching her team up with Ichabod Crane on FOX's Sleepy Hollow may be interested to catch her in the indie romance, MY LAST DAY WITHOUT YOU. After a limited theatrical run late last year, the film is finally available on DVD today, and you will also be able to catch it streaming on Netflix in December. As a longtime fan of Beharie after seeing her in the criminally underrated American Violet back in 2008 (seriously, go find this film if you haven't seen it already), I'm so here for her as the lead in any film. Here's a little more about MY LAST DAY WITHOUT YOU:

My Last Day Without You is loosely based on Emmy-winning television and film producer Christoph Silber's whirlwind romance with his late wife. Directed by Stefan Schaefer, My Last Day Without You is about two strangers from opposite corners of the world, who meet by chance in New York City and fall in love. 

Two lives become intertwined when, on a one-day business trip to New York, young German executive, Niklas, played by Ken Duken, falls in love with African-American singer-songwriter, Leticia, played by Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow, 42) . Leticia exposes Niklas to her Brooklyn-bred world, Niklas experiences emotions he's never felt before, but their two worlds clash when Niklas's business interests threaten to overshadow his feelings for his new love. With a soundtrack comprised of five original songs recorded by Nicole Beharie, this story portrays an unlikely but layered love story between the film's romantic lead characters, the music, and the city of New York. 

OMG, in case we needed another reason to love Nicole Beharie, she sings too -- and well! Also, I was just discussing interracial romance on the big screen during Cinema in Noir's Twitter chat on Sunday when I brought up the 2006 film Something New. We don't see this portrayed very often in romantic cinema by two lead actors, so I'm really interested to see how MY LAST DAY WITHOUT YOU unfolds.

Watch the trailer:


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