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Friday, December 19, 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar Stars As a Mental Patient In an Upcoming Drama Based On a Book By Paulo Coehlo

I'm not even 100% certain of what is even going on in this trailer. But I know Sarah Michelle Gellar is the star and that's enough to get me to pay attention. Judging by the trailer alone, VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE doesn't seem to be as ironically clever as its title conveys, but I can only hope it's at least decent--for the sake of Buffy fans everywhere. The film is based on a novel by Paulo Coelho, who wrote The Alchemist (a book so many people I know swear by). Here's more about the movie in the synopsis:

After a frantic suicide attempt, Veronika awakens inside a mysterious mental asylum. Under the supervision of an unorthodox psychiatrist who specializes in controversial treatment, Veronika learns that she has only weeks to live.

Check out the trailer:

Has anyone read the book? I'm interested to hear your thoughts about it. VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE is in select theaters and on demand January 20, 2015. 


Shane Slater said...

This hasn't been released in the US yet?? It premiered about 5 years ago!

I started reading this in a book club but we never got around to finishing. From what I remember though, it's got some interesting psychological themes.

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